the power of da mind

i was thinking[always a mistake]
everything around us...everything that happens...our pretty much all due to how we think about it
eg: a huge fight happens between a bro n sis. ..
bro thinks: i hate her! why da hell does she get her own way
mother thinks: o boy! another fight
sis thinks: date tmrrw!..gonna be so much fun!

of coz this could all be different too

my question is....
y is it that ppl think so differently??
y do ppl react different???

i suppose if all were to think da same....t'would be a boring world.....


i just answered my own question!
nyone else readin this thnk different??
feel free to comment ...


  1. kritikal said...

    i love that ideology of urs and have been going on finding some info abt it. i guess ud cud refer
    and go to for the men of undestanding and i guess it is named as "the real essence of matter".check it out ,.  

  2. SinnaLuvva said...

    Enjoyable blog, keep up the good work ... nice vital style.

    We need these tensions in order to create; a straight bit of wood would make a lousy bow but with a taut string it can fire an arrow!  

  3. Maail said...

    yea...i mean...ppl do think jus depends on their personalities...makin them one way or the other...or else...u put it exactly wud be one helll of a borin world..  


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