feel rather weird today...cudnt get any slep last nite...spent half the nite worrying about my dear friend...n then woke up aat 3 45 coz i was suffocating..i kid u not ...there was no power and everything was just so..still....anyway....jumped outta bed and coudnt sleep at all...before i knew it ...it was time to go to skool...so yah basically i did da test half asleep....
came back from skool n jus crashed..i slept n slept n slept.....nahu came over n woke me up at sum point ..but i kept driftin off.....it was like i could sleep forever ...
sleeping beuty brought back to life!
not that i am any beauty...but boy am i sleeping these days

i,aminath sharyhan, blame my current state of mind on the weather




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