bored....very very very bored....sitting in front of the comp all day is begning to take its toll...HUGE headache and this buzzy gaseous feeling.. i kid u not...i took up my chem notes at one point...flicked thru them....and they r infront of me now..taunting me...chem test tomrrw...havent studied...the notes jsut sit infront of me in their glory..times like this i wish matrix was a reality...u i can copy n paste all the info in ma brain...

now theres an idea....

wat wud be perfect rite now??


lonely by akon in the background..
choc ice cream infront of me instead of those CHEM notes...
and my loved one by my side

o yah
n the candles, the aroma therapy blah blah..
adios amigos
may i survive the night


  1. Mr. Search Guru said...

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  2. sum1... said...

    hey thats every1's dream to find a way to copy to the brain.. but unfortunately there is nothing like that on earth yet...
    rite now ur on ur own.. all u have to do is figure out a way to read it in an interesting way.. make the chem a joke.. that works for me  

  3. the Dreimer said...

    Why dincha tell me you had a blog? It's pretty nice, U been blogging for a long time dho....Maail told me about it. BTW, u seen my blog dho?
    Havent been blogging for as long as you, but I'm doing fine for meself?
    I'll keep reading from now on ingey


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