first things first
why am i blogging so often? coz i got fever and i got nuthing else better to do..
[yes im sick! hear it .those of u who knw my number call me to wish me well those of u who knw my address come over with chocolates and those who knw neither....aah well too bad...]

and nowww for the moment all u guys have been waiting forrrrr....


1. how to get an attention of a girl- there are two types of attention..good and bad..a girl never likes a shy guy [notice that QUIET and SHY are two very different things] one of the things that attracts a girl to a guy is confidence [not arrogance] be known that a girl naturally assumes that a confident guy wud be pretty good in ..ahem.. other things as well...

tip one# make eye notice lil things she does .. n for gods sake pay attention when shes tlkin n do NOT interrupt..thats a big NO NO

all of this assuming that you do have the guts to actually talk to her...n how do u gain the "guts"?

1. forget those lil butterflies in ye stomach....she is not gonna eat u .. ignore all the bells ringing ..and imagine her as a NORMAL person...i knw its hard ..i mean we gals are amazing rnt we :D

2. practice practice if u must....infront of another gurl whose ur pal or the mirror ...sounds stupid?? im sorry...but all this wud not have come to be ..if u just had the guts to tlk to her rite?

anyway thats it for today
for more parts...or more points...
keep waiting!
o n ur comments would be greatly appreciated


  1. Gwynciar said...

    u know, the thing is>it really depends on whom ure talking to. like if the girl ure talkin to is one cold, distracted, unfriendly bitch... all the practice may not really help u there, dho? and that's what most of us are afraid of. and there also is this other fraction of us that keep blaming ourselves and punishing ourselves by depriving ourselves from those creatures we love that are females.
    u know, sexual allure has really shifted the practical balance of power in society. i guess (in social situations) women have become more powerful than men.
    (so u like to play dominatrix, do yah? ----- i wonder how many ppl actually dig SnM?)  

  2. sum1... said...

    hey i think i'll give the talking a try.. but i get slaped on ma face i'm cumming after... for giving me wrong information....  


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