i know i have been writing a lot about love lately...

its funny im actually writing about it coz im a person who screams "LOVE SUX"

but the other day i stopped myself n forced myself to think ..[bad news?? ...hell yea!]

wat is love,, at our age ..what exactly does love mean to us... like little kids who like to play pretend and play grownup.. play house.. are we teenagers trying to play a grownup game?? is the rage of feelings we feel now just our insane hormones???

i mean, on average, the longest a teen relationship wud last 4-5 yrs tops... n our moms n dads..?? THEY SPEND THE REST OF THEIR FRIGGIN LIVES TOGETHER>??!? can we ever feel the full force of love at this age..? can we even begin to imagine love..???

and thats why..i have decided to leave love as it is..just appreciate n be with the ppl who appreciate n "love" me ... take each day as they come...to not to dwell on the mysteries of love n let my heart carry me across the storms...and make them happy,the ppl who make me happy...

i knw
pretty messed up thots...
anyway thats my mind .. i dont knw what the rest of u think..since none really bother to comment even when i ask them to...


adios amigos

wish me luck in the big O's


  1. Gwynciar said...

    u know, i personally defined love as a "the feeling that is manifested by the willingness to sacrifice nearly anything for the object of that love". i still define it that way. thing is: it does seem to be a bit narrow minded eh? cuz, come on, a lot of the guys and gals going out today are just acting on this sudden impulsive passion that ignited within them. a crush they say. sounds cute, no? how about calling it what it really is? hard lust.
    ==>and i come to my faulty definition: about the sacrifices, always depends on how much u wanna get laid eh?
    a more sensitive approach i always try is this: if u are sick, really sick, and if u look terrible: would u mind the object of ur feelings to see u that way? if u dont, if u really dont, if ud like him/her there, bingo..hehe. thats what i always wanted to believe.  


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