~ LOVE ~

love...the big L.O.V.E. ..

an ageless question asked through generations to generations..a question that is not taught but wondered by ones own thought. a question which dictionaries or scientists cant answer.. can google?? lets check...[5 mins later] nope..

the question being "why do we love?"

what google did give however is definitions for love..and here are two which leaves us with even more questions

# a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
# a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction

so love is the same as lust??

i believe that love and lust has to come together [and im not talking ANYWHERE in this post about the love kept for family and friends] .without lust..the love wont last...and without love lust leads no where but a temporary satisfaction.. and everyone, EVERYONE longs for permenant happiness..

ok next question


big question yep...
i suppose love can only bring happiness when there is a mutual love between two people...and if only one person loves..then that is bound to cause nothing but despair..
mutual love in the sense ,as there are many types of love [two big types being no1. THE CANT-BREATHE-ALL-CONSUMING LOVE and no2. THE-SAFE-QUIET LOVE] , both partners loving each other in an equal balance..i personally prefer the first type of love...

" love: That condition wherein the other person's happiness is essential to your own."

true true. ppl in love often come across this paradox. when in love u dont think much of your own happiness..u think of the other's.. like a gurl sayin "if hes happy then im happy" and vice versa...how can anyone really and honestly be happy by doing something u hate?.. its like u lose your own feelings and train of thought and is molded into your loved ones thought. crazy or what!? and the weirdest part is.. u dont actually mind ur unhappiness all that much..coz ur happy knowing that the other person is happy..urgh.now im getting confused..

" love is energy; it sustains all form and formlessness; our true identity. Love lives in the Heart. It is the Glue of the Universe. It is a Soul quality."

my favourite..

"Love was the impelling motive for manifestation. It is the creative, attractive force in the Universe. Love is magnetic, unifying; it creates understanding and is radiant. It cannot be limited to one person because it flows constantly from and to and through everything."

makes a lot of sense. .

so back to the main question


the craving of wanting to love and be loved seems to have been planted in us right from birth. a child crying out for mother..a toddler doing silly things proudly so that she'll get a hug and a kiss. a kid trying hard to make friends at his frist day of skool and crying quietly at night when he fails..a teenager with haywire hormones going nuts over this guy or that guy or both! a grownup not feeling completed unless there is a person to love him and ofcourse is getting sex [sex is part of loving..one way of expressing our love ..]

and the most funny thought ive had is
why we never feel complete, regardless of how many family or friends we have, unless there is a person who loves us and we can love ,of the oppposite sex....[unless your gay or lesbian ofcoz]

think about it...


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  2. Maail said...

    hmm for me luv is nuthin but fantasy written into our own reality makin us believe we cant live with out it...nah that was me jus bein hypothetical...u got mos of the stuff rite...intrestin'...  

  3. the Dreimer said...

    This is a really nice story here. I didnt that you were a writer. Guess i were wrong eh? And a damn good one you are at that!

    I hope u kyp writing ingey...

    Oh, and about all that love...as long as you have someone returning it, it'll be okay...ask me, i know from experience....

    Ur as talented as ur lucky

    Rock on girl  


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