yep it has begun...n i got a stupid viral thingy that makes me go potty all the friggin time...
blech i knw

anyway i made this after writing the mazumoonu [it was dhiv n islam today]
not good but hey
this is where my junk resides.. n u lucky ppl get to read it

my hand is hurting
dont knw why im writing all.....

my heart is racing
out of control its beating
........make it stop.....

my breath is quickening
like a flash of lightening
....its here and gone...

a thought im writing
more like a song im singing
the paper..was real easy


this is the end u mite think
not at all ,it links
like a heart that never stops beating
this song keeps on repeating

now that i have i written it down i realize
well at least i found the poem i got first place with
n i still have no idea why it went first....


  1. Gwynciar said...

    get these virals all the time in MalĂ©. its like anthrax. speakin of which, heard the joke about keith richards and anthrax? cool detector, he can take a pull and go "anthrax...yup...f**ing craizy!"  


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