the warm sun and gentle breeze greeted me as i stepped out of the dark confinement of the boat. i felt my smile widen as the familiar scent of salt and the sea teased my nostrils. i was home at last!

as i walked along the roads of my hometown, i forgot all the hardships i had faced over the past years. i felt euphoric,almost drunk at the familiar sights. although nothing had changed much, the light reflected on the windows of houses and shops seemed to have an extra shine and everything appeard more colourful. it was to be expected of course, after two years of war, followed by another year trapped in a remote village with its ancient customs and the final year at sea ,sailing all the way accross the Atlantic to reach this little island in the Indian Ocean.

i stopped a few feet away from a quiant little house; Home. tears of joy filled my eys as i took in the house where i had been born and bred. the garden where i had been married to the prettiest lassie i had ever clapped my eyes on. the porch swing where our one year old son had fallen from and broken his leg.i closed my eyes and said a silent prayer hoping that both of them were fine. they were the only family i got left.

just as i was about to walk forward, a strange man came out of the house. i stilled, wondering who he was and what he was doing coming out of my house in such a casual fashion. i watched ,shocked, as my pretty wife came out as well and kissed the man on the cheeck. But alas! , it was not all the day had in store for me. a little boy,my son,came running out of the house as well and hurled himself into the man's arms shrieking "Daddy!"

Daddy?? Daddy?!? i felt as though i was going to be sick. all my fantasies about soming home and being loved again shattered into a million pieces.Unable to watch any longer , i ran away. or rather limped hurriedly as my crippled leg didnt allow much running.

i finally came to a stop at the beach to the west of my house. bitter tears welled up in my eyes as i sank into the sand. when i finally calmed myself down, the sun was aldready setting. the normally magnificent sight failed to move me. the fiery colours seemed to taunt me with my failed hopes and dreams. the pain and frustration i had endured in the past years seemed wasted and worthless now.

i forced my self to get up again and head towards the place i had once lovingly called home. i drew a deep breath as i knocked on the front door. it was to be the last time i had ever knocked on that door. my wife, the woman i loved with all my soul, opened the door. her eyes widened with shock as she recognised me.

"hello jenna" i said softly. tears filled her eyes as her hands roamed on my face as if she was trying to make sure i was real.

i was ushered into the living room and i had barely sat down before jenna started wringing her hands together and babbling utter nonesense. i watched amused for a while as she paced to and fro. finally i made her sit down next to me and told her gently to calm down.

"o george" she whispered. " we recieved a telegram telling us that u had dissapeared after the war. i dared to hope that u were still alive. but eight months later the officals told me to presume u dead. they claimed that they had searched everywhere and had finally decided to mark you as dead..."

her voice trailed off and a momentary silence passed before she spoke again

"the man here , johnathon," she began. " i married him an yaer ago. he helped me throughout all the hard times and was so kind aand generous that i could not help falling in love with him. as for our son,little brian, when u left he was too young for him to have any memories of you."

" he dsnt remember ,eh"i finally spoke "how very convienient." jenna winced at my words. "im sorry" i apologised. " but its all a little too much u knw." she nodded and looked at me as though wondering what i wud do next.

an hour later ,i stepped out of my house. however , i could no longer call it my own. in order not to complicate jenna's life, i had agreed to step out and let her raise our son with the help of johnathon. my only stipulation was that brian had to learn the truth on his 16th b day. whether or not he decided to find me, that wud be his sole desicion.

i walked slowly down the darkened roads towards the harbour. i was a free man now. i felt like a babe given a new life. but that freedom was tainted and bittersweet.



  1. Anonymous said...

    classy, flawless, CAPTIVATING!!! wud luv to meet the author.  

  2. Gwynciar said...

    well, dont wanna be bitter or anything. but i didnt like it too much. maybe the use of language is above-average, but i find that the plot (or rather, the concept) is so cliché. (i think that they made a dhivehi teledrama about it, it was called Aisha. refer to the last three episodes).
    i dunno, i dont like it that well. sorry.  


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