eeep..i seem to have hit quite a nerve

a thousand apologies my dear people..

i did not really mean that anyone who blogs is pathetic or a "geek"

i mean.. if i did that i wud be calling MYSELF a geek *gasp* THE HORROR!

to me my little blog wat ,at first, a highly cencored little diary and also a way to get my weird little thots on screen...rather wierd dontcha think..
coz i think that a writing with a persons opinion about this and that reveals more about the person than a diary entry of "dear diary, today i did this and that"

of coz i thot i was safe as none really visits my blog ...
but then along came a spider called mvblogs!!!!

but really gwynciar does have a point...why did i bother having the damn thing on the net if i could not cope with the idea of gazillions of other people reading it...eeep....weird thot..i just had this thought of a german pervert/serial killer looking thru my blog going "ehehehehe" in this monotonous weird way and making a note in his personal diary " next kill : MALDIVES"


yea...why wud a serial killer with a monotonous laugh havea personal diary rite??
but u neva know those types..

o and no offence to anyone reading this who mite actually be a serial killer

i come in peace


  1. [i]nnovative[T]hinker said...

    Neither did I know that someone would read my blog- Infact I just wrote it for the eyebrows raisers.
    thanks for the link anyways.
    btw I dont think the German serial killer will pen down "Maldives" which is already penned down by its own ppl, Instead it might be "Bulhaa" WATCH OUT  

  2. Anonymous said...

    serial killer is coming to get u  

  3. Senses0 said...

    I love you too!  

  4. Inash said...

    It's a good thing to share your thoughts and opinion if you choose to. The public, the world can give their feed back and you would really start learning of those weird feelings that you still haven't discovered inside of you.  

  5. diabolicaldevil said...

    wel if u want to keep it private, u got, there u can hide whatever u want  

  6. psychoangel said...

    hey contact me at  

  7. Gray said...

    if u wanted to keep it private u cud get a diary, eh??

    i blog to let out steam.. to say things at ppl that i cant normally say to their faces.. call me a coward.. watever..

    oh.. and as a serail killer.. i'd like to say.. no offence taken.. :D

    an thanx for the comment..



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