i had never realized before how many maldivians actually spend their time blogging..i always thought that i was the only one who had sucha pathetci life that i spend all of my existance on the net

apparently not

there are other pathetic beings like me!!!

i feel like ive discovered new land!!

land AHOY!



  1. primary0 said...

    ey ey... r u saying all of us bloggers have a pathetic life? there is a "depression" side of blogging i agree but it may not always be the situation. erm... i think i need to do some research on that particular dark side of blogging... anyways, u keep it up..  

  2. diabolicaldevil said...

    ^ its like internet is their job :P u can call em geeks, i think u can even call urself a geek :P  

  3. Gwynciar said...

    oh come on. we all live in maale (at least, most of us)...
    what else is there good enough to do 'cept life on the net?
    its kinda stupid, i dunno whom to blame: guys who go "ooh" and "aah" over cars, memorising models, engine types, and brands, etc. are known as "car enthusiasts"...for example. but guys who have the same enthusiasm for computers or the internet (or even equal involvement) are known as geeks...
    whats up with that?  

  4. primary0 said...

    diabolical: im not sure abt everyone else, but u can say the internet IS my job actually.

    gwynciar: erm, ur definition of geek is wrong... in ur case ur 'car enthusiasts' are actually more fit into the 'geek' definition. not to sway from the term but man they dont even get paid to play with those cars eh... thats too much!

    ok im just bored at this moment... :S  

  5. psychoangel said...

    i personally dont want my blog to be further advertised in a stupid site...its like the blog version of balaabodu.com = SUCKS...
    well anyways wat mag r u talking abt bulhaa, thanks for the comment on my blog.


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