i ve been reading this thesis about evolution by some ol dude...

and it got me thinking...
u knw giraffes?
well naturalists say that they evolved into having their long necks..as in..they didnt have them in the first place..but they adapted slowly into them coz of their neccesisty..u following me?

anyway it got me thinking.
if streching a few muscles means that ur kids wud have a longer neck...wud cutting off ur limb result in ur kid havin one arm missing??? how does this genes thing work anyway? i have never understood how a phisical change in the body can result a change in ur DNA.

does this mean that if i die my hair green , my kid could quite possible be born with green hair?

ok so i could be completely wrong here...need to read more ....

all this is said hypothetically assuming that darwins theory is correct


  1. Gwynciar said...

    well, as all we PhD graduates from the university of cambridge (hehe :P) know, the long neck (i.e. the phenotype) comes about from the change in genotype (ure genetic makeup). but no matter how much u alter ur phenotype (as a result of envrionmental conditioning or nutrition etc) it doesna affect ur genotype unless ur genetic makeup undergoes either mutation or variation (which happens through reproduction, and is seen in the newborn).
    but really, truth be told: darwin's theory, that takes place in a Godless universe, is quite the problem as it replaces God with the far less reliable deity of atheists and gamblers: Chance.
    if the chances are 1 in a billion for a single bacterium to form from a puddle of water (given the right conditions--regardless of the fact that protein synthesis is impossible in water): then we must be pretty lucky, all of us on this earth, to have luckily developed (just because of random mutation..not cuz our furry and scaly ancestors tried oh so hard to develop those never-seen-before characteristics ) certain aspects that COMPLETE the animal/human world as we see it today.
    take for example, the idea of the flight of birds. evolutionists claim that birds began to fly as a result of reptiles trying to jump to catch bugs. wasnt it just oh so lucky that these reptiles (over billions of years, of COURSE) developed hollow bones, talons, feathers, etc. lucky, innit?  


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