more sumbuli....

the dark lord frowned at the man bowed before him.the visibly shaking man was a messenger sent to the lord bearing unfortunate news.

"and you are sure of your facts messenger?" lord Duncan, master of the underworld, asked queitly. DUncan had long learned that when spoken in a quiet commanding tone most men dared not to lie.

"y-yes, my lord" the man stammered, daring to peek up at the mighty warrior seated before him.

all was silent in the courtroom as Lord DUncan brooded over this new turn of events. Emilia, his prized ship, could not have simply vanished in the middle of the sea despite news from the messenger. no, it wud have most likely been captured. Duncan sensed a plot to overthrow him from the throne. many great men wished to rule the underworld. it being the position to hold most power of the two ruling thrones of La Perla. since the collapse of mother Earth, the surviving earthlings has found solace in this lushly green planet with its strange mysteries. the founders,understanding the important of two parellel opposites of nature had established two realms in La Perla. The underworld and the

ok i got stuck there...and havnt gotten around to completing it...lost my .. umm..flow u cud say


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