patience is virtue they say....

well it seems to me that all im doing these days is waiting...
waiting for my mr.right
to come whisk me away..far away from this mudhole..and treat me like the princess that i

waiting for some answers which i am searching so hard for [back breaking hard work i tell you] ...and still i am nowhere close to getting it

waiting for my o level results...*gasp*
i cant believe i just mentioned that coz i have been living in denial for the last one n a half months...trying desperatly not to think about my tests or results or the look on my parents faces lest they be unsatisfactory...coz everytime i do ..i get this nasty feeling at the pit of my stomach..and for a moment i feel like im gonna throw up.
so..whenever the thought of results dare to sneak up in my mind, i immediately push it down down deep into my head in a dark safe place...wonderful technique i tell works!
in ur concious hours that is..the side effect of this technique is that these nasty thoughts u keep lodged away tend to haunt u in ur sleeping hours...

u may try this if u want but i shall not be help responsible for any nightmares resulted..

anyway back to the waiting bit

waiting for a death i knw that is to arrive...
isnt it funny...u are born for death...
u are born to live for death to prepare for death, in fact the purpose of ur whole existance is death!

think about it



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