ur sitting in the middle of the bed,eyes closed.its a warm bed.soft.and safe.

ur sitting in complete darkness.theres not even a hint of a light is expected.its 4 am and everyones alseep

u find solace in the darkness.its comforting.its constant.

ur in a trance like mode. ur thinking. infact ur thinkin about not thinking.about keeping ur mind blank.focusing on driving the screaming demons out of your head.

suddenly ur eyes flies open.ur startled.the darkness suffocates you.the silence is too loud.

the walls seem to close in.the whole world is spinning.

u reach out ur arms.stop the world dammit, stop it spinning!

u squeeze both eyes shut.block it all out. living in denial...

sleep creeps up unexpectedly. u crave it.yet u deny whats right.

ur body gives in even though ur mind does not.

ur body seeks control of ur mind.ur mind is too weak to reist.u fall into a blackness that seems to strech forever.

sleep tight..........


  1. diabolicaldevil said...

    i never survived that  


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