swish goes the blade!

CQ. the latest craze to hit the streets of male'.


well if u do

u wud as like me notice a few umm..blunders they have made

number one would be various printing mistakes..such as duplications and omiting parts of article

second is that they have no content...its all glamour and....adverts..sadly

the next two i noticed in the latest addition . yea. THE SILVER EDITION
one big mistake is mentioning winter clothes in the trends section..umm hello?? do we get winter here in maldives???

this immediately makes the reader think that the article has been swiped from unknown western sources

oooops! cq??

next one that caught my eye was the phrase "sweat the onion"

do you know the meaning of this phrase??? coz honestly speaking ..not many readers i know do....wouldnt u think that people usually scannin cookery pages would be nice middle aged housewives looking for simple and straghtforward instructions ...and then they see a phrase like:

" melt the butter, and sweat the onion,crushed garlic and diced potatoes for about 5 minutes"

i think the moms of male' would be having a bit of trouble with that one...

well i suppose one must not judge too harshly...
afterall this is only a magazine which is going to be read throughout the whole nation...

need i say more?


  1. Maail said...

    sumone u kno is gona get real mad wen {she} hears abt this...hehehe...oh n yea they've got lots of room for improvemnt...and wen i mean lots...i meaaann lots... :P  

  2. diabolicaldevil said...

    soo true...

    Heres a mail one of my frends sent to CQ:

    Well, I kinda skimmed thru your December 2005, January 2006 edition. And, there r a few things that I've noticed.

    In page no.10 on the fashion meter, I found it really ludicrous that u have said something about not being able to wear short-sleeved stuff coz its too bloody cold. Well, I don't think that's very appropriate. Coz Maldives is a country located just 5 degrees north of the equator. Anyone in their right minds can sum up the fact that the weather here isn't and won't be "bloody cold" unless the tectonic plates move real fast.

    In my opinion, if u broaden the "I got problems" column in page 36, it would be much better. You know, u could include different types of problems. Not always the same type associating with someone who loves someone and isn't able to express their feelings or stuff. There r more problems that people have other than when in love. It would make the column more interesting when it has a variety of problems.

    And, in the entertainment pages, you could include information about the latest release of PS2, Xbox, PC games etc etc. It would grab the attention of teenagers.

    There was one doubt I had in my mind while flipping the pages. The majority of the magazine contained "girly" stuff. I hope u know what I mean. It isn't that boys don't read magazines and stuff. They do and they even enjoy it. But of course if the magazine contains "girly" stuff they wouldn't. If you made this a unisex magazine, it'll probably be a great hit. Coz the number of readers will increase when even boys start to read it. No offense intended here again.

    In the recipe card, there is a mistake in the 'fish chowder' recipe. Hey! I'm not a great cook, but still I can spot mistakes right? The first line says, "Make sure the fish is boned as far as possible, as most people object to fish bones." Don't u think that it should be written more like this "Make sure the fish is de-boned…." Damn it!! When people don't like fish bones don't u think that the fish should be de-boned??? And it would be great if u could make the recipes a bit more elaborate.

    It would be really easy for the readers who wish to send comments just like me, if you could include ur email address somewhere in the magazine's cover page or at the end of the content page. Eo ipso, I had to do a deep diving to get ur email address from the magazine. I found it in that er...monthly challenge or something page.

    I'm not a magazine critic, but I do tend to spot mistakes easily. I'm just being frank okay. There maybe some stuff which I haven't noticed, but I don't want to criticize so much. I hope that u don't get very offended by what I have said. I just wanted to point out a few things as being a reader. The magazine is damn good. The quality of printing and other stuff. It's just great.

    lol sorry about the long post im kinda lazy so jus copy pasted it here rather than explaining it by myself.
    they havn still replied to his mail, i guess they dun use internet much, i'll get an msn id of some CQ staff soon, will show ur blog and everythin

    ta ta  

  3. diabolicaldevil said...

    one more thing
    that pic uve posted here was taken from CQ tha?

    if so i hope they got the permission from the owner of that pic, ive seen that pic somewhere on dA, the owner can sue CQ if he wants
    reply to my mail  

  4. Gwynciar said...

    well, come on: that depends on whether its been copyrighted. i doubt that the stuff on dA are copyrighted...and therefore, CQ doesnt really have to worry aobut going its merry way.
    but i agree with all three of u: CQ applied extreme labial pressure to hypothetical posterioris. ie. sucks ass.
    i mean, no offense, but its not really the kinda magazine (like the Monday Times or the Evening Weekly) which one would feel comfy taking around in places.
    btw, i realised that its got this message on being cool: "u gotta be a rebel and a consumer, if ure both: ure cool". thats just shite. pure shite.  

  5. murder part time worker full time gamer said...

    talking about that i ran in to some pics over at deviant art some photographer had some pics of a model in a green dress that same pic with a maldivian girl in a green dress same background was featured in the first cQ advert for green and girly thats low but i guess being low is a maldivian trait and i ran across a handfull of spelling mistakes as well...this is all inthe first issue..i dont buy magazines of anysoet in male' if i need to read anything i go google less hassle freee and more originality :)  

  6. Spark of Silence said...

    thats a mail I sent to CQ
    lotsa mistakes in the mail itself eh?


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