more ravings

she sat on the bench, her hands folded in her lap.head bent, her pale lifeless hair hid her face.

people moved around her.lost in their own worlds.hectic days. things to do. people to see. the sun rose and set. they never stopped.

a single black tear rolled down her cheek.

a multi-coloured ball came bouncing to a rest at her feet.a small child of seven rushed to get it. the child paused,crouched at her feet. dared to peek up at this beautiful stranger.eyes widened. the child ran away. fast

the pale thin hands unfolded themselves and smoothed down an imaginary wrinkle in her pale pink skirt. the skirt and the white blouse that went with it was emaculate. it screamed high status and wealth.

her hands came up slowly and covered her face.wiped away the tears.blackness covered her face now. the girl made a soft sound of disgust. mascara.

she looked up brushing back her hair away from her face.

the world stopped.birds became still, the wind became silent.

woeful blue eyes stared at the setting sun. deep red scars ran down the length of her face.ugly scars that told of a dark tale.

the world went went was only the scars that remained. some hidden, some out there for everyone to see.for those who cared to see.




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