the novelty of blogging has faded into a thing of the past, which is kinda sad really...

weird past few days...what with the jumble of feelings im feeling. a mixture of loneliness and horniness. which is a thousand times worse than each of those seperately..

this sux,
gotta pack up n leave again
say goodbye to all my friends


what friends? where? who?
my fone is just lying there pathetically these calls sms's ..nothing...

feeling bouts of self pity so pls dont mind me.


  1. Anonymous said...

    You're so tortured. Why not kill yourself, fool.  

  2. nosy-passerby said...

    maybe the novelty of bloggin has faded cuz evry nosy passerby like me an ol' anonymous over here can see wat ur writin n comment abt it.. and from ur previous posts i can see ur quite frank abt ur feelings in here..

    i cud be wrong..

    my advice.. get new friends rather than kill urself..:D  


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