*curtains rise*

she raised one perfectly plucked eyebrow as she stared at him. on her face was a look of total outrage.

"you-you- ugh!" she spluttered . "you DARE dump ME???"

she stood up suddenly causing the table to teer dangerously.

"shhh tania.. sit down..we'll talk about this camly " dan whispered as he glanced around the restaurant nervously.

around them several couples stopped their romancing and started at them. strange, they were thinking, and on valentines day too .

" NO! YOU listen to ME!" tania shrieked. she was clutching her handbag and looked as though the fact that a guy dared to break up with her enraged her more than the thought of having no boyfriend.

"you cannot break up with ME!"she shook her head fevershly. "no no no...this is what we are going to do ..." she whispered as she bent down at the table leaning on her hands.

" I" pointing at her self " am gonna break up with YOU!" she finished truimphantly.

"hah! deal wit that!" she called out as she slung her handbag over her shoulder and walked out of the restaurant, her hips swaying.

*curtains fall*

narrator: here we see a rather typical senario. average guy trying to get rid off bimbo girl. she [hithun] is truimphant coz she didnt allow NO guy to break up with HER. ahhh..the shallow nature of miniskirted bimbo's. o so u think. is anything really what it seems?

*curtain rises again*

tania collasped in the seat of her red ferrari. she leaned her head against the steering wheel and sobbed uncontrolably. her mascara streaked down her lashes making her resemble the creature beneath the bed.

"why..why god...why me? ..why must i be this way??" she whispered.

in her head the previous senario flashed thru her head.

her look of outrage.


him nervous.


her standing up


more screaming.


her walking out.

she could view it like a black and white video. her mind was the projector. her mind was her betrayer. her mind was her sole enemy.
she wiped away her tears and took deap breaths. calm down judy. she told herself. tania is gone....

for now....

*curtains fall*

narrator: whats happening now one wonders...and who the fuck is judy?



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