there is no future
because the future ceases to exist as we continue to rush mindlessly into it..

there is no present
because even as i speak the moments , the minutes are slipping away into the past

it is truly the past that exists...that haunts us..that define us..

but even that is unreliable...because the past is but memories...figments of our mind ...jumbled up bull shit...why?

because there are three sides to every version of it, ur version of it and the actual truth.

its like i live suspended in time...everything around me changing , everyone around me moving on..the cars are rushin past me , im standing in the middle of a highway..they dont affect me impact. non. nada.zilch.

i need to learn to put out my arm and thumb a ride.hitch hike across this game one calls "life"
i need to feel like i truly belong.

coz rite now seeing myself as this thing a blob ,standinng still and watchin the world revolve..detached.removed. u catch my drift..

nyd to get in touch with reality ...


  1. Anonymous said...

    are you seeking more attention from the future than you are already getting presently, which you about to forget as in the past?

    -the riddler-  

  2. Anonymous said...

    u konw, this guy "anonymous aka the riddler" seriously seems to hate you. i wonder if (s)he's the same person who went on proposing a suicide solution , "fool"--?
    anything personal going on?  


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