first thoughts of the day

i just woke up and plopped into this chair. now i can barely open my eyes. aaaah! wish i could go back to sleep again. but i was just woken up rather rudely by my phone. besides i was having a rather wierd dream. dont wanna go back to that...

trust me.

it was REALLY weird.

semsester exams had just finished yesterday and there were times, i admit, that i felt like crying. after doing the math papers mostly. i mean, this cant happen to me! its MATH for heavens GOOD at math. but noooo... the heavens have a whole other plan for me. im starting to suspect that im gonna have to grovel my way through math [arrrrgh! the horror!]

[Stretches and yawns]

such a purty purty day.. im in an incredibly good mood given the circumstances. oh wats that? u dont know the circumstances??

ill be happy to oblige :D

1. my bones are aching and cracking like CRAZY and its driving my up the wall!!
2. the episodes i have of one piece is almost over and ma supplier is not here!!
3. my birthday is coming up and im half dreading and half hoping and half going crazy... eep...
4. [SCREAM!!!] i just realized! i had just spent the money i was saving for my best bud's bday!!
5. my bf is not here


[10 mins later]

okay now im awake..
do you know, people get so funny in ramadan. for them and most of the people its all about fun fun FUN! fun is good. to an extent. and its just sad that nobody realizes that.

i used to wish that there would be no drugheads in the world[ where did that come from?!?!] i wished that they could see that even though they were floating happily in their own little drug filled worlds[while high], the ones who had had the unfortunate luck of loving them was weeping and screeching and just plain hurting away. or maybe they saw that and then turned to drugs even more! wat makes a person so weak as so to take drugs?
i really wouldnt know .. ive always had such a lucky life..

okay well. im gonna get my lazy arse off this chair now. sayonara!

ps. luffy is just soooo adorable!


  1. Ash said...

    Thanks for visiting my photoblog! I really appreciate it :)
    Messed up dream, btw.  

  2. bulhaa said...

    lol. yes it was. i sort of stumbled on ur photo blog actually. and ur photos kinda hooked me. its really lovely. i meant what i said  

  3. Bandey said...

    luffy is elastic and cant swim.. imagine that?
    btw i enjoy reading your posts.. very humorous and entertaining..  


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