i had always thought that i was so alone in this little webspace. this universe of matrixes that really makes no sense to my brain.
but guess what?
im not alone

there are oodles of maldivians blogging everyday, voicing their opinions,gettin into cyber-fights and god alone knows what else.

its a pretty heated atmosphere in someplaces,sad quiet ones elsewhere and friendly supportive ones too

im not writin here anymore. because im writing elsewhere

this thing that i had held once so close to my heart is rather tainted i realize


stupid gurl me, i knw.

its the INTERNET!!

[freaks out]


  1. Anonymous said...

    noooooo! you're my favorite blogger.
    i can ask everybody else to leave the internet. will that make you stay?  

  2. bulhaa said...

    awww...im touched..but i havnt had really posted for ages..thinking of starting again..  

  3. Gray said...

    nice to see ur bak.. but u've been over this before.. evrytime someone comments on ur blog u start shoutin bludy murder abt no privacy.. (kiddin).. like u said.. it's the internet.. keep a diary if u will.. we won't peek in that.. but was nice readin ur posts.. bye  

  4. youknowwhoiam said...

    wow cool scatches.. hmm niiiiiiice.. ur gettin good at this huh..

    /me np: Evanescense - Call Me When You're Sober  

  5. bulhaa said...

    heehee. i knw i knw.
    but then after all my whining and screeching i still post dont i?? :P  

  6. Anonymous said...

    u found live journal eh


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