i was thinking ..it concerned biology.

we have been discussing cells in class recently , and i found myself wondering of late..how is it that we classify the living and non living.. wat IS living actually?

we can classify the whole world into two groups; the living and non living. what makes the difference really? the laws. the living shalt respire,metabolise and what not. and the funny thing is, even inside the living beings, some essential particles are actually non-living! how does that work exactly? how is it possible that something that is non-living can combine and whatever to form something that is living. take this. the bery basic elements of our body. theres the single unit of life; the cell. and yet inside of the cell, nearly most of its components are dead!

think about this too, whats in our cell is basically made out of four or five basic elements. carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and phosphorous. even the living components are made out of almost the same components as the non-living. so wats the living bit really? is it that one of these elements when combined in a particular way has the ability to produce life? can it be possible that by finding out this particular pattern we can re-create life? or is it that life itself is another matter,with no connection to any of the particals, elements, or biological stuff in any living creature?

what is life made up of ????

this is the same as me asking..what is electricity or bonds or forces or gravity or magnetism made up of? it cant be made up of NOTHING..coz nothing doesnt exist..everything is SOMETHING. there must be something...some little particles or matter that we havnt discovered yet.

u know what all of this thinking made me realize?? that i know so little of the basic essence of life. how little anyone knows really,when it comes to life. so how can we even attempt to understand why life acts in certain ways. why it cab give u so much crap and still remain beautiful. we cant..
its really a waste of our time and energy to even try to find out
coz thats one of the mysteries in life...that life itself is a huge unsolved puzze. best we squish our humane nature and instead accept it as it is ...

[ waaaah! but i still want ANSWERSSS!!]


  1. Anonymous said...

    Have you not hear of Allah(SWT)?
    Have you not read the Koran which explains EVERYTHING?

    Where have you been living all these years?

    Please visit dhivehistan.blogsot.com for more information on creation etc. etc..  

  2. bulhaa said...

    with all due respect,whoever you are. i think my little post about life kinda emphasises what we all believe in. that allah is great. and it also really proves that anyone without the knowledge of quruan will never find the answers of the universe. science doesnt answer anything.some things are beyond our control. i know that. now you know that i knw it. adieu  

  3. anonymous coward said...

    pss pss...hey dont worry...that is these fighting guys here over some fake commenting...am sure this is also a fake comment by those anti islamic guys there!  

  4. Anonymous said...

    It is noted that when a human dies he or she loses 21g. Interesting right. Can we say its the weight of our soul  


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