sister tales

i asked my little sister of four years tonight whether she knew what a 'liquid' was.
when she paused a little too long thinkin my dad provided her with an example; water. but when he continued to list the things she put up her hand and stopped him.

"dhen heyo hanan ah mihaaru ingijje. kiyantha dhiya ehchihi? lonu fen, hithi fen.. "


so then i decided to test her intelligence. and amuse my self at the same time.

i asked her whether she knew how ice cubes were made. she, very proudly ,proceeded to tell me all about the proccess.
" indheynun dho alhaa ehcheh. eyan fen alhaafa fridge ah laafa dhoru leppy ma dhen irakolhakun hunnaany ice cube ah vefa"

i asked her why water , a liquid, could turn into a solid when it was just simply being put into the fridge.

she remained flabbergasted for a moment and when dad [on whose lap she was sitting on] whispered in her ear " its because it gets cold"

upon which ofcoz she told me the same answer like she had thot of it :P

i asked her whether if i put HER in the fridge she would become all "haru"

" nooooooooon! nuvaane. hanan aky dhiaa ehcheh nooneh nun. dhiyaa ehchihi lyma ey haru vaany"

the minds of kids

amazing really.

or maybe im the one who is stupid and asking stupid questions
gasp! the horror!


  1. TruthCures said...

    Nice story. Kids, got to love them. So innocent and uninhibited. Too bad before long they will be taught to be civilised and all their innocence will be lost.  

  2. millzero said...

    Too smart... I mean the KID  

  3. subcorpus said...

    once i asked my kid niece weather she knew her where her friend lived.
    She replied:
    Alhuandah engey. E'ge hunnaanee ethaa magumathee ga.


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