I wonder why in the word "engage" we pronounce the first 'g' as in "girl" and the second 'g' as in "generous" . I mean isnt the latter g's pronounciation more to that of a 'j'? So why aren't we spelling it "engaje"?

It was my little sister that led me to this thought. I was teaching both her and my newest protegee,Zayan, how to read simple words like hat, cat, bat etc. When i asked hanan to tell me what sound "h" makes, she replied "ch" and said that it was so because when u say 'h' u say "ech". She demanded to know why we use the 'k' sound for 'c'. Coz well, when u say 'c' u say "see" right? So why the 'k' sound?

She also informed me that the correct spelling of 'cat' would be 'kat'.

You know, i think that she is onto something here. Now im totally clueless as to why these be as they are and i need answers before Zayan starts asking me the same questions.

A lil help please?



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