have u ever had the urge to write and write and write? but also at the same time, you would hate to restrict ur writing to a specific subject. it should flow... like like.. air... no direction .. no destination and no ending.

but then its been a long time since ive written. i mean i have the urge every once in a while. but i havnt written anything in HERE if u know what i mean..

i watched superman returns last night. it sucks big time, me think. i was bored out of me blarmy skull!
heroes is ok. its kinda kool.
naruto's gotten boring.

me sister is typing away into her "laptop" [ aka a toy computer] shes saying out aloud what she's typing too..along with a background music of her own sometimes. lol. u knw of all the questions she asks me, the ones about God are the toughest.

"maai Allah bodu vaane the e building ah vure ves? "
"aan .. "
" maai Allah ah building uffuleyna tha!? emme baarugadhaii maai Allah tha? "
"aan, hurihaa kameh ves kureveyne. emme baarugadha vaane"
" eii kyvve?"

thats it right there.!!

whyyy , she asks...
how can i explain to a 6 year old that it just is that way? a little baby who really has no concept of God.

o gosh.. now shes speaking in a mixture of japanese and spanish.. [thanks to anime and dora]
kids i tell ye

i skivved of skool today. didnt feel like going :D
thinking of skivving tution...but ahhhh ooooh..... hmmm... dunno....not such a good idea. my dad would skin me alive...

speakin og tution...



  1. Anonymous said...

    hi. im sure you'll get skinned, its just a matter of time.

    anyways, when that happens, can i have your skin?  

  2. bulhaa said...

    *sticks tongue out*
    i wasnt skinned as i did go to tution. and yea u can have my skin, the bidding starts at $100000000000


    still want it?  

  3. Anonymous said...

    i suppose that figure is in cat dollars.. so yeah! :)

    mint condition? hmm.  

  4. bulhaa said...

    yea the figure is in cat dollars, but u cant make the payment in cat dollars mind you. it has to be real honest-to-god US dollars.

    incidently did u know that when u convert cat dollars into US dollars the amount gets doubled?


    i suggest u start saving


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