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ive always wondered why maldives has to have their banners, logos, and house names printed in ENGLISH.
i mean this is MALDIVES, with the so called fahuruveri DHIVEHI language. but nooo, even the houses in the islands have their names in english along with the dhivehi one. wats the point really.. i mean there are a lot of people who dont understand english in this little nation so why not print everything in DHIVEHI. its not that we dont have the software the font etc etc. its just STUPID

and u knw what else is peculiar?
dhiraagu logo
its a frickin D!!
not a dhaalu.

have u ever been to bangkok? every-effing-thing is in their language.
very rarely would u find anything written in english. really.

so why not maldives? why not? why not stop making new words like abui and katakaraa[i kid u not. they exist!] and focus on making all the banners and house tags in dhivehi. its like english has enslaved us.[not that im really complaining :D]

take for an example my brother, who is twelve and his friends...they all talk in english! and they all get crappy marks in dhivehi. they do they do. the dhivehi standard in schools are falling drastically.

and all soadube n ppl [no offence] seems to me are doin is jus makin new words. how, u tell me, would the kids nowadays be interested to learn new words when everythin around them is in english? tv channels, story books, billboards, advertisements " wataniyaaaa! life's good! share it!"
u dig?



  1. spark of silence said...

    oh well, dhivehi standards r sure fallin down
    but seriously who cares? (A) (maybe u do)
    besides, even ur blog is in english. not dhivehi :P  

  2. bulhaa said...

    whoever said that i was a fan of dhivehi???

    im just noticing stuff thats all

    [angelic schweet smile]  

  3. stickyshocker713 said...

    u might not have noticed,but dhivehi really really sux.think abt it.the letters aren't good to look at,and the most important use of speaking it seems to be cursing.(very useful for that,indeed)and writing it is just annoying. <--- proof that Dhivehi must be killed. :p plus,there aren't enough words in the language.  

  4. Anonymous said...

    whats the point of saving a language used by a mere 300,000 ppl? its best that we totally stopd using dhivehi. Its just an xtra subject to freak abt for exams...nothing else  

  5. Anonymous said...

    hey guys. Be more realistic..whats the point living in a small country like Maldives.. no one know about the country...I guess its all about having a tradition and culture to show to others.. be proud of it..learn the language..others will be amazed of how different our language is.  

  6. Anonymous said...

    Well i guess nobody seems to see that eventhough Dhivehi is limited, is difficult to use, Its actually a really beautiful language.A lot of ppl throw it away as useless, as i once did. Practically, its use will decline, but it would need to be preserved nevertheless. Its our identity at stake.

    on Soadhube, its sad that ppl joke on him, but he is one of the coolest guys you can meet.  

  7. Gwynciar said...

    its all very subjective, the whole argument. i mean, there's no logical way to point out whether one language is better than the other from a totally rational perspective--i mean, in the 19th century, Dhivehi would have been the perfect language for the maldives. it evolved to suit our needs and lifestyle. but come globalisation and other forms of imperialism (the whole "one world" philosophy)dhivehi needs to adapt to a whole range of other things--which it cant because not many people, as it is very obvious, seem to care for it.
    blame globalisation.
    try finnish, five million speakers: if u can learn finnish, u can learn any language on earth.hehe.  

  8. Anonymous said...

    ---> what gets annoying? the total conversion of maldivian culture into the english language. anyone ever heard of adaptation?  

  9. bainalaqvaamii said...

    Y the fuk shud v have a kulture so tht v cud jst show it 2 others. that suxx and its very dhefukkeheri.  

  10. Anonymous said...

    surprised some of u guys think thaana doesnt look good :D I loved it when i first saw it on TVM when i was in school. (I'm Indian btw)  

  11. Anonymous said...

    Dhivehi bahakee varah salhi baheh  


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