this was what could be a masterpiece

and this is, my version of a masterpiece. my very first abstract on wood.my very first dabbling with oil paint [beams with pride]

egad...does anybody know how to get oil paint out from under one's fingernails??


  1. Gwynciar said...

    pretty good, pretty damn good.
    ever thought of doing something, i dunno, a bit grander? (i refrain from referring stuff, cuz i just KNOW you might ignore them---sneer).

    try turpentine or alcohol..florida water.  

  2. moyameehaa said...

    yeah...use an iloshi kolhu..and care fully do the job..if it is dhavaadhu..rty thinaru...another way is to cut your finger nails...or if it has gone deep under...remove your fingernails (use a narukendi or a thundhigu to pull it off)..if you dont like the pain...go to a doctor and remove your finger nails....the next best thing to do is...pain the nails..and ignore the stuff beneath it.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    nice.. thinaru works..  

  4. bulhaa said...


  5. Anonymous said...



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