wilderness in Male'

guess where?


  1. Anonymous said...


    i knw where tht is!!!!!


    but i'll just giv others time to guess!!!

    its bad to spoil the fun!!!!


    gooooood luck alll.....


  2. moyameehaa said...

    well...thats the place near your...errr...some school which releases ..err..nevermind....the school where..where you can see the her royal kirugarudhiyaness riding around...and thats where the royal kings and queens once upon a time lived,and that tree...where some stoopid tourists ties knots and makes wishes (all thanks to the tourguides who promotes the supertition and also the maldives at the same times)....its thatplace where we once used to go and enjoy as children,but later gave it up to expatriate workers,that is the nice place where you can hear koveli....the place where i like to go when its after rain in the dawn...aaah!that nice place ... that wilderness in Male',unprofitably gay,unexplained here for others to geuss!thank u ...thank u...thank u.. ;)  

  3. Gwynciar said...

    moyameeha: why not just go ahead say exactly what you got in mind? you seemed to have explained almost everything except its name.  

  4. bulhaa said...


    congrats to moya meeha !

    so do u guys think i got wat it takes to be a photographer?  

  5. balaabodu said...

    not really bulhaa. all uve got there is a camera and the finger to click the button. uve got to know wat u wana take da picture of. think from a different point of view. perhaps add a little bit of creativity mixed with the object or scene wud help you?  

  6. mrz said...

    shut up balaabodu, shes done a great job.  

  7. moyameehaa said...

    thank you thank you....i did want to tell the name...coz others must also have the chance to answer...kekekek  


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