4:00 PM 12/1/2006

who knew that making flash cards could be so much


i knw i knw, its me who declared im takin a

vacation from the blog world. but hey, when u got

the need to write u gotta write!

currently im making some flash cards for my

protegee zayan. ofcoz since i my printer is out of

colour, im havin to colour the friggin things my

self!! arrrrgh!
yea yea its just a buncha cards right?


its not just a buncha cards, its a creature from

mars! the colouring is so boring so horrible so

ergh and so blergh. need i say more ? no.

if any of y'all wants to donate a usable flash

card pack i would be eternally grateful.and a

printer cartridge. and a pair of new shoes. and a

new bracelet. and a-
wait. now im getting ahead of myself
just the flash cards would do


*rolls up sleeves, snaps on the goggles, piks up

the tweezers[with a pencil attached] and prepares




  1. Simon said...

    oh dear

    I hope my boy is going to be alright

    good to see u back  

  2. bulhaa said...

    dear simon, dont worry. ur son is in perfectly safe hands [stifles maniac laughter]


  3. bulhaa said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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