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Apr. 30th, 2006 | 11:28 pm
mood: arrrrrrghhhh!!!!!!



skools starting...the dreaded CH of SE...whyyyy whyyy whyy??? not that i hate learning new things but i can think of many [an boi do i mean many] things i hate

1. the uniform
2. the tests
3.the uniform
4. the revision
5. the uniform
6. crappy teachers
7. the uniform
8. the hw
9. the uniform .....

i tell u , the list is endless...

Jun. 7th, 2006 | 11:04 am
location: home
mood: eeee!!!

the clocks a ticking....every second thats fading is bringing me closer...the warmth that i have known is now close to being extinct..the love i had..the time i spent..sighhh...

every second..every day..is bringing me closer n closer n closer....



[whine pout sulk]
dont wanna go to skoool.....


and now? i still hate it :P

u see, one whole semester had passed and i was actually starting to enjoy myself. i mean heck, one got used to the crappy teachers and the endless hw and tests. besides scoop, seagull, juice joint and havin fun with my friends helped a lot.

[the uniform still sucks big time though.]

so what made me almost NOT change my mind about hating chse?


to a lil hell hole in the middle of NO WHERE!!!
[more screams]

ive seen it. and personally i think it looks like a prison..

sniff sniff

goodbye scoop
goodbye seagull
goodbye juice joint
goodbye commerce friends

thou shalt be missed a lot by i.

NOW, who's willing to pack lunches for me ? [sweet smile]


  1. Mary-Jo said...

    I try not to think about my time in CHSE (this was 5 years ago). It was a bloody nightmare. I bet little has changed since then.  

  2. diabolical said...

    well theres burger mate and fizzes, fizzes sucks but burger mates cool  

  3. leviathan said...

    hmmm...the uniform sucks majorly...the teachers are ok...like robots :)...never stopping...i hate the upper managment..u know who i mean...aamira...fucking shemale!!!  


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