fishaholic : 1. a person who eats fish all the time
2. a person who actually likes eating fish all the time
3. a person who cant imagine life without fish

"im a fishaholic"

all those in favour of the above statement say AYE!


  1. bulhaa said...


  2. ashraf said...

    dont fish and drive
    recovering from the fish problem
    i need my fish now
    fish is a major cause of heart failure
    fish tasting
    choose from our finest white and red fish
    fish is a gateway food
    boy cannot even hold his fish
    you are too young to fish
    i'll fish to that
    100 year old fish
    fish chocolates
    contains 5% fish
    20 million dollar worth of fish found in the sea.. wait  

  3. Gwynciar said...

    AYE AGAIN FOR SEASHELLS: i had a collection once, i lost them on the beaches of the world.  

  4. moyameehaa said...

    all maldivians i know are fishaholic...the best thing u can send to a maldivian friend abroad is a tuna fish cans,valhoa mas..or the good-for-everything...the super duper duper food...suitable for anytime of the day...RIHAAAAAAAKURU!...specially thelli rihaakuru..and its even special when my mom makes it...with havaadhu fundaigen...yippy!

    AYE AYE CAPTN!.lond live the fish people!  

  5. subcorpus said...

    its a lot of protein ... hehe ...  

  6. stikyshokr713 said...

    ick... i haaaate fish. :p  

  7. bulhaa said...

    shokr boy, HOW CAN YOU HATE FISH?!??!  


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