When Bulhaa met Ali Fulhu

My friend and I were coming home from shopping when we decided to stop at City Bakery. and guess what we found? a cat! a huge beeeeuuutiful white cat! and it was half beyru. it was really friendly and well mannered and it kept crying out for food. so we bought it a chocolate muffin from the bakery and left it to eat.

okay, so our lil hearts were crying out for the lil bugger but we both knew that neither of us could keep it. we came home and met my aunt. we related the tale to her and shes all " i want it"
so [very happy now] we rushed to the bakery and brought it home.

happy ending right??

well, not quite.. theres more

my aunt and uncle then decide they dont want it. coz its a pretty big cat. so last night my friend and i rushed around trying to find a good owner...
no luck there either


his name is ali fulhu btw


  1. Anonymous said...

    hi bulha (cat):
    why do you wear a buruga (veil)? please explain indepth in a sensible manner. i am considering wearing one too.  


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