and let us take up a [very dirty] magnifying glass and see my soul shall we?

[this feature of EGO BOOSTERS PVT LTD is still under a testing phase. user participation would be much appreciated to fully evaluate and amend the service]

the whole point of this exercise is , well ... its a very egoistical reason but what the heck eh?

i want you to take up that magnifying glass and evaluate me.

what kind of a person do u think i am? am i nice? or am i a socio path?
and blah blah blah.

anonymus and non anonymus comments, both negative and positive, are much encouraged.

to be honest with you, my ego has been down to the dumps these days and EGO BOOSTERS thought of doing this for me. now wasnt that nice of them ? :D


  1. yaamor said...

    hmm...keykey bunaaney dhoa...i saw ur blog a few days ago...and was suprised...all the drawings and stuff u wrote...seems like u have a unlimited amount of talent in art and story telling..ur blogs like a story...and from ur blog it seems like u have a nice sense of humour  

  2. Reilly Klevre said...

    the funny part abt this whole post is that it has only one comment.

    and no i dont have any opinion of how nice or "un-nice" you are.

    oh yeah and it looks like the rest of the blogging community doesnt give a fuck abt it too.

    gluck with ya ego though  


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