My duty as a peer educator

first of all. i/we are not promoting sex.

at all.


good. you may proceed.

now let me explain what a peer educator [points at myself] is.

im certified to spread around,to my peers, something that generally almost everyone knows. almost everyone that is. and what a better place to spread around news than here eh? and those who aint my "peers", you are most welcome to read on.

anyway , on to the "news"


yes ladies and gentlemen, thou art about to be lectured on the various risks blah blah involving sex.

lets start at the basics.

click here

sexual urges..

now lessee.. im pretty sure that most of you ... ok all of you have had first hand experience with this. i dont need to go into details here. what im here to tell you is, however, that u either need to control these urges [which most of the ppl dont] or practice safe sex. GOSH im such a hypocrite. coz as far as im concerned those who had sex and got an STD bloody well deserved it. [if they had pre-marital sex that is]
anyway click here

skip the part about masturbation and anal sex thoh. i dont recommend that.. nu uh...

sexually transmitted diseases

click here

there you go!

im all done...

now dont u think that this would have been easier on me and every other peer educator if ppl would just quit having sex before marriage ? or stop havin multiple sex partners [even while married] ? but do they listen ? nooooooo!!!.....

sigh.. u know.. u dont really need this info.. i need to reach the kids in grade 6 and 7 and really warn them of the consequences if they do engage in sexual activities.


o yah...

all of this is brought to you by me hailing from YHC


  1. Waylander said...

    Sweet shit...LOL  

  2. Baphomet said...
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  3. Baphomet said...

    Man has the right to engage in sex as much as his desires are fulfilled. Its the carnal nature of every human. However, engaging in safe-sex is much proper.
    Topic is broad. simply
    As long no force is upon your partner its Lust! Go with your will, as no one has the right to thrash your will.
    Whats the wrong?  

  4. gwynciar said...
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  5. Velvette Storme said...

    Lets look at it this way, a person may feel hell guilty for the sex afterwards, but you know what they say 'in the moment, you really couldnt give a flying f*ck'. Neway, you can get all those damned std's with a simple kiss even, so next, you better start shouting at em about how bad bad bad kissing is!! Which is, as we all know, a rather sly way of encouraging them.

    I think i said a lot of useless stuff up there, but basically, my point is, babe, you're fighting a loosing battle...  

  6. Anonymous said...

    Hey 'bulhaa',dnt listen to a bunch of ppl who'll kyp givin xcuses jes becos they dnt wanna accept vat they r doin is wrong.(those hu rnt married ofcorse) .I think ur doin a gud thin.Sumthin u believ to be rite.Anyway its nt like ur DEMANDIN that ppl stop havin sex.Everythin has consequences. N like stated in an above comment,every1 has a rite to do vat they want even if its havin illegal sex.Bt then again if everyone has that rite its not wrong to kill the ppl that one doesnt like huh?So y is killin so wrng in the eyes of every1 since every1 has the rite to do ANYTHING they want?Craxy world we live in.But stil i believe that ppl should have sex if they realy want to WHILE being aware of vat they r gettin themselves into,the consequences, the pleasure n xcitement of it, etc rather than not knowin abt them and later sayin "i didnt know that could happen to me through sex.If i did i'd neva have had sex.Nobody told me". And i dont know if its a loosing battle or not,but atleast ur standin by for vat u believe in.Ill giv u that much.And to the person who doesnt seem to have the decency & guts to buy a mere condum being scared that sum1 mite find out, "If u cant walk the walk,js keep ur pants up n shush" -shabaa-  

  7. wrill-vern said...

    The desire for sex is worse than the activity in sex. Because the activity in sex will never ultimately satisfy the desire for sex. Have sex Hundred times and u need it for hundred and FIRST time. Young or old. Able or crippled. blind or deaf. does it matter? Isnt sex a sickness?  

  8. bulhaa said...

    baphomet,man has no right to engage in something that he has been forbidden to.but if ur talking about maritial sex then i agree with you

    gwynciar,i have yet to meet a married couple who are reluctant to go and buy contraceptives. if the ones ur mentioning are not married well bullocks to them! they shouldnt be having sex anyway. and anyone who read my post would think twice about having unprotected sex.others, idiots

    velvette storm, i am not fighting a battle. i am spreading a message. i have warned them. thats my duty. i cannot control anybody's actions. as long as they have understood what i have said and accepted it, then im fine.

    shabaa, thanks :D

    will-vern, sex is not a disease. its a bloody blessing. and it has been known to strenghthen your body against minor ailments too. if the desire to have sex ceased that there would be no offspring. its a desire that man has yet to learn how to control.  

  9. Anonymous said...

    -Arra- Every single persn has lots of desires none of which can b ultimately satisfied.All of them shud b considrd as sicnesses if the desire to hav sex is a sicness.None of it is uncontrollable eithr.Each individual decides due to various reasns and beliefs,the extent to which the individual chooses to control that desire.And I dnt think any1 with the rite mind wud ever want the desire to have sex to vanish.If sumhow it did,that there wud b a very fatal sicness.Dnt u agree?  

  10. Baphomet said...

    There is no one above man, No one has the power to alter the choice made by man, he makes his own decisions to satisfy every desire of a him! He could do whatever he wants when and where ever he wants on the face of the earth as he wills!  

  11. Gray said...

    imagine this.. a couple have been goin out for years.. they're obviously in love.. but they cant get married yet.. and one nite things just get out of hand.. watever u say Lust is a very hard thing to control.. and relationships these days tend to have a physical side..
    and about buying condoms.. there are a lot of expatriates workin in the pharmacy business these days.. btw i'm not encouraging anything..

    baphomet:: yes there is.. ALLAH..  

  12. gwynciar said...
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  13. gwynciar said...
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  14. Anonymous said...

    just because you wen out wit a guy/gal for a year dat dusnt mean dat they are in way!u can go out wit a lot of guys/gals (one after the other) for many months nd does that mean you are in love and u have 2 hav SEX?wit each one of them?uh-uh!!u gota control.god gav u a brain and god gave u da ability to chose..u knt jst do watever u want and then say ur sory o u didnt mean 2 do my whole point is i agree wit bulhaa!!:-D i didnt mak much sense huh?i knw..  

  15. bulhaa said...

    gray: anonymous up there is right.knowing yourself how hard lust is to control u ought to make use of the brain and avoid getting alone with your gf/bf for extendended periods of time. but like u said things do happen,and in such cases i say have safe sex and start praying for your soul afterwards quick!

    gwynciar, ur right. people fo have sex no matter wat the religion says and etc. hence the formation of Peer Educators. and i ought to bang ur head against a wall and make u see the light! im not telling people "okay this is it, stop having unsafe / premarital sex immediately!!" coz i know it doesnt work like that. and quite frankly i think ive had more training in how to reach people in this area. im in no way taking the issue lightly, but what do u expect me to do? walk around spying on couples having sex and stop them? or pass around free condoms???

    as for the whole smoker bit, no i would not deny his treatement. i would however highly engourage him to start rehablitation etc etc. coz thats what we can do. we cant force anything on anyone! they can just advice. the rest, is up to the people.

    but really as far as im concerened, after me or any other peer educator has warned them about sex and various risks involved and if they STILL insist on engagin in various unhealthy activities and get std's then they bloody deserved it. idiots all of them.

    since u seem to be so well informed about everything, why dont u tell us what you plan on doing about this "grave issue"  

  16. gwynciar said...

    You seem highly pissed--you should calm down and stop taking things too personally. Really. Take note of my calm exterior.


    Your "screw them" attitude implied, although does not explicitly state so, that you would not care for the fate of a fornicater given that he deserved it. So, until now, with your overuse of the words "bullocks to them" "idiots" ,etc. etc. It was almost as if you were promoting an abstinence-only philosophy.

    What I expect you to do is to, well, present the facts yourself instead of a bunch of random links which nobody would really click anyways. Or perhaps procrastinate clicking.
    A bunch of links with near-minimal explanation around them would be, well ,sufficient in convincing someone about minding their health?

    Your blog-writing is concise, short, and not too texty. Wikipedia is the total opposite. So, just by assumption, do you really believe that your constant reader would have the time/patience to go through three, full-blown, and quite lengthy, and technical-jargon-laden articles regarding things that we actually may think are irrelevant to our life?And besides, these studies they conducted on wikipedia aren't all that relevant to the sex life of the average Maldivian. It isnt relevant to me.

    And come on, really, not many people do seem to know about STDs to begin with. Not many people seem to care. Heck, I sometimes believe that people, as a collective, believe that STDs are part of this Other World where CNN and othre news channels are broadcasted from, or Somalia where children are dying of AIDS.

    constant, incessant preaching changes only a few people. You need something big to bring on a major trend. Something that sticks to, say, the public consciousness. songs sung by has-been singers on TV dont work.

    I propose free, anonymous STD testing with pre and post-testing counseling. And I propose that you peer educators encourage sexually active young people to get tested.
    Because free condoms dont work; they alraedy tried that with free sterile syringes in the slums of Chicago--didnt work.

    No offense. I'm just trying to help here. ANd besides, i think that its better to critique than to give a superificial, saccharine "LOLX gr8 post LOLXxxx!" you get my drift?  

  17. gwynciar said...

    Yeah, I'd like to make a public apology for my comments posted here.
    I understand that most of my above comments were harsh and destructively one-sided and thus has caused Sheri to become quite upset.
    So, except for the last one (which I couldnt' because I signed in as 'Other') I removed them all.

  18. shweeeeeet! said...

    pispis! molhu!  

  19. Anonymous said...

    -Arra- Molhu?..Gwynciar? Lol.U hav got to be kiddin me.Sory gwynciar,bt ur the 1 who syms to be overprotective of what ur sayin.And i believe the reason why u removed ur comments was cos they dnt make much sense.And like shabaa pointed out,ur the 1 who's too chicken to even go buy a condom.Bt u stil have jes got to have sex huh?Thivaru myhun maithirivegen thibeyny. And ur sayin that bulhaa is makin ppl read stuff that are too long?U shud see how long ur comments are.Anyway,no one HAS to read em in the 1st place.Those ppl who want informatn doesnt want a word or 2 abt the topic.They wanna knw as much as they can.And this is a blog of an individual.Not a worldwide campaign to stop ppl from havin sex.Bulhaa has byn telin of vat she was taught here in Maldives as a peer educator and has put sum of her own views into it.She can say anythin she want about the topic.Its her blog and ur the outsider who is viewing it.So if u dont like whats in her blog write about the topic in ur own blog.Btw, apology me anyway.That was so nice of u. :D U are realy informative ill giv u that much.  

  20. bulhaa said...

    sigh. u didnt have to remove ur posts. now ur making me to be a tyrant who cannot tolerate other people's opinions. really gwynciar, im not going to bite you. when u presented ur opinion which just so happened to clash with mine u ought to have been prepared for the resulted sparks. but thanks for the apology.

    and arra has pretty much said everythin i wanted to say...

    yeeesh, i hate blog wars.  

  21. bulhaa said...

    ps. u can get free doctor consultation , if u had happened to land in the laps of one of the dreaded STD's , at YHC,youth centre.
    free doctor consultation
    and free councelling  

  22. Anonymous said...

    Sex is only a part of being human. Only a part.

    Basically your post was inspired by your desire to save people. You are very young yet, and I am sure you had the "Save the World" feelings rushing through your blood when you wrote that.

    But that is not possible. Illicit Sex is just the tip of the vast iceberg hidden beneath the icy gray ocean.

    I am not endorsing sex either, but rather, think of it this way. It is a form of human expression.

    Think about this. People say, "I love you" so easily. It is not possible, to fall in love with someone overnight, and there is no such thing as love at first sight. There isn't. Love at two weeks, maybe.

    Same thing, for sex. You can't have casual sex. Yes, sure, people do have casual sex. But that is because they are very shallow people, without a single thought in their head. They cannot comprehend the meaning of a loving relationship.

    This leads to the point now, where you think, "Hey, so what about people who love each other truly, and then have sex before getting married?"

    Yes, that part is very hazy, if thinking in terms of emotionalism. But when you think of it in terms of religion, the message is very clear. Unfortunately, there are not enough people in this 100% muslim country who even know to read Arabic. Which is why they have counselling and everything else.

    Religion is out, and Emotionalism is in, these days. We have to face the truth, even if it hurts. People do drugs like as if it was the end of the Earth, and no one bothers to stop them. So what's the big deal about consensual sex?

    My idea is, let them be. They will suffer the consequences of their actions. We do not have to interfere with their decisions. I have several friends who have had consensual sex many times, and I feel pity for them. Yeah, "them" here aren't the 6 - 7th graders you're going to face. It will obviously be better if the Islam classes teach these kids about the consequences instead of a high school kid who isn't very knowledgeable on what she's really talking about. Is that wrong or not?

    It helps, when you realize that these people are illiterate and uninformed. To my horror quite recently, they didn't even know what an STD was (except the world famous AIDS), or the consequences of such dieseases.

    Your duty as a peer councellor is clear to you. It is not your opinion that matters. It is not even required. It is your actions and your advice to them.

    Yes, the only way to prevent STD or anything is by choosing not to kiss someone when you're feeling emotional or hot. Yes, prevention is better than cure.

    About the replies in this thread, I think Maldivians take the phrase, "Stupidity inspired by Pride" two steps further.

    When someone accepts defeat, be gracious and don't humiliate them. God, if they all did that, Maldives would truly be a paradise instead of this pile of smouldering rubble filled with hateful people bent on making your life miserable  - ユノミ  

  23. bulhaa said...

    darling anonymous, i would kick your ass for the very obivous insulting references to my age and expertise if i didnt agree with what u have said. and no, i didnt have a save the world feeling rushing thru me.  

  24. Anonymous said...

    But you did agree with me, so. - ユノミ  


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