what does one do when one finds ones 4 yr old sister and 4 yr old cousin breast feeding their stuffed bunnies??

what indeed.
my poor unfortunate self came across this scenario today.

and i just stood there dumbfounded while they, the lil rascals, giggled and told me that they were playing bunny bunny. [ i.e. pretending that their rabbits were babies]


i managed to convince them that bunny rabbits only needed carrot milk bottles.



  1. Radvixen said...

    hahah omgg... that wud have been damn funnny and no to mention WEIRD!

    kids nowadays... pis pis .. *shakes head from side to side* :P  

  2. pixelpixie said...

    err ? at least they knew that mommies fed their babies on daddies but thats soooooo weird!  

  3. gwynciar said...

    ...i can completely understand wanting to play Doctor...



  4. Anonymous said...

    OoooK! There's sumthin i neva xpectd her to do.Hu ws d odr 1?  


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