And so she sat there, mindful of the strangers that walked past by.

"Excuse me sir? Will you buy some flowers sir, some roses and tulips sir?”

Her clothes were muddy and her hair greasy.
She was tiny of built and a little too bony.
And to all eyes that laid on her, she appeared most unseemly.
As she sat on the grass, behind that oak tree

“Excuse me ma’am? Some pretty flowers, see? Please ma’am… Mama is sick and Baby Joe needs to be fed.”

Alas for her, nobody cared.
She sat there looking at the wealth they shared.
Surely with all that and more, they had some for her left to spare?

“Excuse me sir? Buy flowers for your missus? Please sir, I beg you of this”

Everyday seem to pass the same
Until her voice, one day it no longer came
Her cold body sat still in the pouring rain
Until the rats came and took her, down the drain

Woe upon those with them blind eyes
Woe on them, for they ignored her cries
They think themselves kings, but they lie
For they killed their queen, by refusing to comply


  1. Waylander said...

    Beautiful poetry... luv it... bt i got to ask u:
    a) Wats da heading EXPERIMENT gotto do with what u wrote?
    b) And was your writing intended for us to be guided into reflecting on our societys ethics - that the wealthy dont care about the poor and the needy. Was that the aim?

    Aim or not, it certainly chanelled me into thinking so. Duz our society indeed care about the poor, the needy? Do the rich actually give a damn?? Jst wonder whetha they do...  

  2. Waylander said...

    Sorry...missd a point there. Jst wanna say: cool piece of writing... :D  

  3. shweeeeeet! said...

    wow..niiiice.. o_O  

  4. bulhaa said...

    thank you, both of you..
    a] its an experimental piece of poetry... i didnt quite mean it to turn into a poem

    b] no not really.. but if it has achieved what u say, well all the better..!  

  5. Waylander said...

    Cool... :D  

  6. Anonymous said...

    it's always easy to write tragic poetry - Mym  

  7. Raniya said...

    Tells a story ... :)
    I like poetry with meaning.  

  8. aesha said...

    bulhaa! this one me likes a lot :D  


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