reality check

there comes a time in your life , when u stop and take a good look at yourself.

and in such instances, you hardly ever like what you see.
then follows the feeble attempts to change, even though ofcourse you are hating the entire process.

ive looked at myself recently, in one aspect really. language. ENGLISH.

ive been so comfortable with my current standard that i rarely have attempted to improve my vocabulary and what not. so now when i read other people's blogs, namely gwynciars, i have this huge question mark on top of my forehead.



  1. shweeeeeet! said...

    ayyo bulhaa..for u, a meow is enuf eyyyy!! hehe..  

  2. Velvette Storme said...
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  3. Velvette Storme said...

    daaaammm, I just wrote a comment and tried to see whether I can delete it...sorry bulhaa... well hey, least the little dustbin works..heheh..anyway, i was saying...dont get intimidated by Gwynciars big words, he just uses them to sound smart... read his bullshitting post and you'll figure it all out  

  4. Maail said...

    yea it's jus all a bunch of words to make u thiiink he's writing sumthin intrestin...he's gud that gwyincer...remember the time he wrote in seem that gud to me...heheh  

  5. bulhaa said...

    awww u guys.. thanks [hug hug]  

  6. Anonymous said...

    As long as the person reading your blog understands what you're trying to express, there really is no need to use big words and / or a thesaurus.

    Isn't that the purpose of your blog? Frankly, I like reading the honest emotions. I can almost see your face when you make funny comments.

    BTW, people should know better than to judge someone in a biased opinion. ユノミ  

  7. bulhaa said...

    ta anonymous. now im really curious. who are you??  

  8. gwynciar said...
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  9. Anonymous said...

    ユ - yu
    ノ- no
    ミ - mi

    or don't you?  

  10. gwynciar said...
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  11. gwynciar said...
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  12. gwynciar said...

    Its not the size of the words you use, its what you say that actually should matter, you know. You're worrying about the wrong things altogehter.

    One can write like a redneck but sound like a genius (don't believe me? Read John Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men and The Moon is Down--faves!)

    And my use of big words, truth be told, is mainly for reasons of humour, and as an attempt to imitate? emulate? some of my more favourite writers. And also as writing practice *shrug*. But its mostly for reasons of humour, irony, and a last but not least: a personal satisfaction at having experimented at something new in arranging words in patterns that I haven't tried before. (I title my blog the Sesquippedaliophile = lover of big words! Come on.) Its my own personal interest and obsession.

    I guess it needs to be said: my bullshit expose was more of a satirical piece than a guideline I follow every single time I put my fingers to the keyboard. I hope that Ruba gets that through her head before putting up any more of her half-baked polemics and "false accusations" (too strong a word?) against me in "public".

    And Sheri, come on: you're not like me, I'm not like you--I like using poetic language, big words, digressing, going on tangents while you like going straight to the point. You're hardly interested in the same stuff as I am.
    You yourself told me that. And you're good at what you write.
    So why bother just because you chose not to "beat around the bush" like I do? You can't compare apples with oranges.

    If you look past the big words and digressions and find admiration in what I say, then I guess that you are justified in worrying (like I find myself envious of some other writers and bloggers--like I told you sometime ago). But right now, just be yourself and dont bother.

    I really think that your friends could have consoled you in a manner more effective without dissing me for what they seem to think that I do. And I'm thinking that maybe you could have been a little more supportive or defensive of me.

    I don't consider myself that good a writer, I don't consider myself to be "the best", I think that I'm okay--and I know that there are writers far than me, but I don't go about dissing them for being frauds, bullshitters or whatnot unless I sincerely believed so.

    My advice if you want to improve your writing: Read more often, and bigger things. Don't try to judge a book before you go past the third chapter. And you really should try to take an interest in things outside your comfort zone every now and then: most comfort zones are the death of discovery and, well, improvement.
    Its better to be a good thinker than a stylish writer sometimes. Look at Isaac Bashevis Singer. Great stories but totally artless prose. Won the Nobel prize. Same with Orhan Pamuk. John Steinbeck.

    That's what I do, at least.
    And there's no harm in wanting to "improve", if that's how you see it.  

  13. bulhaa said...

    gwynciar, awww hug hug hug im sowweeee... [offers support]

    anonymous, no i dont know you..i think  

  14. Dragonfly said...

    i know what you mean bulhaa, ive told him myself
    if anyone wants a reality check on reality, read his blog, its good at that.
    now me n bulhaa, we're just caa-caa-pee-pee :P  

  15. Anonymous said...

    Didn't you wave at me from behind a veil today, though? - ユノミ  

  16. bulhaa said...

    caa caa pee pee , me like :D

    anonymous : ur killing meeee!!! [with suspence]  

  17. Anonymous said...

    Goodness... I thought you would've figured it out!! I thought you were smarter than that. Maybe I underestimated.

    Besides, this is so much fun!

    Sheesh... - ユノミ  

  18. Anonymous said...

    wait... does that mean that you wave to everyone that walks down your street? *headdesk*

    - ユノミ  

  19. Dragonfly said...

    caa caa pee pee came from yours truly bulhaa..
    it means more style and less substance apparently  

  20. Shanu said...

    ahh bulhaa, I feel you, and I am a decade older than you guys :)

    Gwynciar, is an excellent writer, quite gifted I must say :)  

  21. gwynciar said...

    thanks. really.

    caa caa pee pee, eh? now i shan't go that far...  

  22. Radvixen said...

    that makes 2 of us bulhaa... but really... big big words dont matter i suppose...specially not in blogs.. if you're able to express yourself and people understand you, then that's good enough. leave em big words for your English exam hehehe.

    but yeah i agree, Gwynciar is a good writer. :P  

  23. bulhaa said...

    cooor... anonymous, you owe me a marscream dontcha?!

    and yea.. gwynciar is a good writer, thus the envy and thus this post. :P  

  24. Anonymous said...

    yep lol  


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