weddings and food

wedding reception tonight at nasandhura.

i was in lasagna heaven. it was deliciouso!

the chocolate moose wern't so bad either..

althoh i really wonder.. wat are weddin recpetions these days about hmm? is it that the bride or groom's family wants to display how wealthy they are? or is it an excuse for the bride herself to go around in a skimpy costume.[ and most of the wedding gowns these days are just that] because at weddings, it seems to be perfectly acceptable for them to wear it. and i have yet to meet a bride and groom who has throughly enjoyed their own weddings. i rather think the pain of their aching feet would have taken over watever little joy they experienced.

as far as im concerned, wedding receptions are nothing but a waste of money. and time[ just think! u could be having wonderful sex instead of standing around with a huge plastic grin on your face. or be having a fabulous honeymoon somewhere exotic]

the purpose[watever that is] would be served,i think, even if you send off "bai paasals" to all your family and friends.

but hey each to his own. as far as attending weddings goes, i aint complainin! the food is really too wonderful to miss out.
but i aint having a weddin reception ,insha allah, nu-uh

ps. i happen to be a very strongly opiniated person who would probably pik up fights with those who happen to disagree with me. but that doesnt mean that u shudnt disagree with me. you should , you should!


  1. Anonymous said...

    The Islamic mandate says that there should be a jaafath. God loves wedding ceremonies.

    The Feast has a practical use... it's an official declaration that those two are off the market.

    Personally, I hate the stupid Chocolate Mousse at Nasandhura. It is thicker than peanut butter, I swear. - ユノミ  

  2. Gray said...

    *puts on battle gear*

    I DISAGREE.. period..

    and my advice to guys:: dont pick up gals from weddings.. they just dont look the same, the day after..  

  3. shweeeeeet! said...

    hehe lol gray :p
    newaz, bulhaa..i wud like to go to ur wedding..hehe..too bad that ur not going to have it :( ;)  

  4. bulhaa said...

    anonymous, jaafath okay. but spending around 46 thousand rufiyya??? wouldnt that count as a waste when u could satisfy the jaafath bit with a much lesser amount?

    gray, lol. okay. just invite me to your wedding. and make sure that lasagna is on the menue k??

    shweeeet!, i am going to have a wedding. just not a hug weddin reception. dont worry. wedding ah kiyaanan. :P  

  5. Velvette Storme said...

    I like weddings, would love to have my own too, except i dun wanna have a party where people stand around and I want a party where people can ENJOY!! DANCE SING CELEBRATE! isnt that what a wedding party is all about anyway?

    btw, I'm pissed coz you didnt invite had no reason to of coz...but the thought of the lasagne... (bubbles away in envy)  

  6. Anonymous said...

    You don't get to marry every day. So, 46 thousand rufiyaa is actually less.

    Well if you want everyone to say you're cheap, then send bai-parsal. Don't send it to me though. I am highly suspicious of "packages". - ユノミ  

  7. bulhaa said...

    okay anonymous.

    sorry velvette.  

  8. gwynciar said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  9. Gray said...

    bulha:: INVITED.. and lasanga definitely on the menu..

    lol @ gwynciar..  


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