if its not a lie.. its half the truth.. and if its not half the truth, then you hear none at all... but did u ever stop to think, that people do this to protect you?

lies. deciet. different people use it for different means. the major two are to either hurt you or to protect you.
"why do you not confide in me?"
"what are u hiding from me?"
"tell me, why cant u just trust me?"

well trust me people. sometimes, the truth aint so pretty. and those times ur better off not knowing the truth


well this is something i keep telling myself but siiigh i cant seem to follow my own advice [shrug] i keep on telling the truth. even when it hurts. i know that i should keep my big fat mouth shut, that they would be happier not knowing.. but nooo, i have to come clean. and when they end up hating me .. [stops to think] hmm nope. cant think of anyone who has wound up hating me.. yet..


watched bleach 109 just now. [takes a moment to drool over ichigo]
its cooooool!

anime characters, the new generation of hearthrobs. . . does anyone but me find something slightly disturbing in this? [go on admit it, you knw it is disturbing , i mean can u imagine wantin to make out with erm.. pooh?]

[o gross, i disgust myself]

this is bulhaa
over and out


  1. subcorpus said...

    honesty is not the best policy ...
    its over rated ...
    growing up is over rated ...
    being an adult and mature is overrated ...
    trust me on this ...  

  2. bulhaa said...

    i dont suppose u have a formula for not growing up or maturing?  

  3. Ibrahim Sharif said...

    It all depends on how you really look at it.
    And since different people have different perspectives, some people mightn't have any reaction to your inner-life while some may turn about in raging disgust, hehe. It's just life.

    And maturing's not rated at all. It's just a process. And true, growing up par se brings no inherent epiphanies.But reflection and contemplation does.
    Reflection's not overrated. Trust me on this one.  

  4. bulhaa said...

    yaaay! u commented on my bloggie :)  

  5. gwynciar said...

    -_- As if I never do.

    -Ibrahim Sharif  


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