ive been Notebooked O_O


  1. bandey said...

    thank god i havent been notebooked.. yet 00,  

  2. shweeeeet! said...

    not booked? O_o  

  3. bulhaa said...

    you oughta watch it bandey, its gooo0oood.
    and shweeet! its a movie the Notebook. didntcha watch one tree hill?  

  4. gwynciar said...

    OOoh, "Notebooked".
    I thought that it was some vagrant variety of being "Facebooked". >.<

    Well, at least it didn't have hordes of screaming French-Americans! ^_^  

  5. Radvixen said...

    hehehhe! i remember that part in one tree hill
    though i havent seen the movie. i just saw bits of it. gota watch it...hm  

  6. bulhaa said...

    french-americans gwyncy?

    yes yes u gotsta watch it radvixen. it totally touches your heart  


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