a story

not for the emotionally weak or ppl with delicate sensibilities..

She saw him often, either passing down the hallway in school or on her way home on the road. He had roguish dark looks; dark skin, short stocky stature and wavy black hair. The sight of him had never bothered her until last week. She had seen him staring at her intently. She had dismissed it as one of those freaky male desires to watch girls squirm under their scrutinizing stares. But as the days went past, she noticed him more and more. Always with that penetrating stare that never failed to leave her uncomfortable.

She was walking down the road alone that night. The full moon overhead was hidden behind some ferocious looking dark clouds making the road seem full of shadows and secrets. There weren’t many people about, and the only lamppost on the road stood dejectedly blinking on and off. She hugged her bag to her self and walked a little faster. It was unusual for her to walk around this late, but the group study had lasted longer that she had expected.

Suddenly she heard footsteps rushing towards her. And then there was nothing but blackness.

* * *

The familiar sensation welled up inside him as he watched her laughing gaily with her friends; a need to posses, to conquer. He didn’t know how this girl had managed to get under his skin. But she had and he had to get her out of his system. Fast.

He usually went for the tall, voluptuous ones. She, on the other hand, had a small build and impish looks with large eyes that often sparkled in laughter. Watching her now, so happy and carefree, made him feel more confused that he ever had in his entire life.

Suddenly she looked up and her eyes fixed upon him. Almost immediately, the laughter in her eyes was gone to be replaced by an uneasy look. She scurried behind her friend as if she was afraid of him. He swore under his breath and walked away. He didn’t care, he told himself, and either way…he was going to have her. Soon.

* * *

She opened her eyes groggily. A dull throb resonated through her head. The fact that she was lying down didn’t help the pain go away. Wait. Where was she? Her eyes widened in horror as she took in her surroundings. She was spread across a strange bed with her hands and feet tied to the bedposts. Naked.

She frantically searched for and exit across the small untidy room. There was only a wooden door. Her eyed widened in hope and desperation as she heard the door creak and slowly open.

Please God… Please save me…

And then he entered the room.

* * *

He watched with satisfaction as her pretty eyes filled with dread and opened her mouth to scream. Chuckling to himself he grabbed a sock that had been carelessly discarded earlier and stuffed it into her mouth. He let his fingers linger on her soft silky cheek. Tears escaped from her eyes as she whimpered softly. He caught one teardrop with his finger and touched the finger to his mouth. Tastes so good, he thought. He smiled at her as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. She was struggling wildly now, engaged in a fierce battle against the cloth that trapped her to the bed. Probably realized what he was up to. No matter, he was going to have her and nothing was going to get in his way.

Naked now, he hovered next to the bed and bent over and planted a loving kiss on her forehead. He then climbed on top of her and slowly lowered himself.

“Don’t worry, pretty eyes,” he whispered against her ear. “This wont hurt a bit…”

* * *

Dear God…Please save me…Please…


  1. Spark of Silence said...

    nice story
    is there something like a second part? would love to read it soon!!  

  2. shweeeeet! said...

    wow bulhaa..its wonderful! keep them coming =D  

  3. Waylander said...

    RAPE!!! eheh... kewl story... yea, is there a second part?  

  4. bulhaa said...

    phew..i had been a bit nervous posting this. thanks guys.
    and naw..there isnt a second part. :P sozeee  

  5. cynicalparalize said...

    wow kool bulhaa...its sounds very bulhaish..keke

    i wud like to read the second part..if u dont intend to write part 2 then we will have to imagine dho bulha...

    any ways kewl and nice one  

  6. gehigen in kuhjaaa!!!! said...

    gud gud!!!! bakari!!!
    keeo it up!!!!!!!

    remindz mee of dexter....
    hmmmmm.......... dexter!!!!!!

    well dnt write a 2nd part it might suck!!!!!!

    babyeee muah!!! baibe!!!  

  7. bulhaa said...

    thankeeeee :D  

  8. .mini said...

    i like how you ended it
    the thought of a second part didn't came only after reading the comments
    but it doesn't need one, its great as it is
    like how you've written it  

  9. kaidha said...

    Wow...varah salhi
    the endin as it is, is jut perfect
    loved to read more, if not this story then another


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