more dhathuru foto


  1. Mrs. GoDZ|LLa said...

    no smoRking!? LOL... salhi ingey.

    i love that second pic..
    nice shot :)  

  2. gwynciar said...

    Must have mispelled "snorkelling".  

  3. bulhaa said...

    nopz...its supposed to be smoking

    and thanks mrs.godzilla :D  

  4. manippulhu said...

    bulhaa.. dhevana pic fenuneeema raajje misss vaneeeeeeeeee... 2nd pic v salhi!  

  5. Radvixen said...

    oohhh whats that thing in the second pic? looks like someone took a pen and splashed the ink in an interesting artistic way..

    or is it a living thing o_0 excuse my dumbness and lack of knowledge  

  6. bulhaa said...

    thank you manippulhu its a SIGN ! COME HOME!

    and radvixy, its a hiyama [i think] all i know for sure is that its definitely living and extremely poinsonous.  

  7. Radvixen said...

    ohh meee gawwwdd !!! o_o
    and you actually took a pic of it??!?!
    didnt it start moving when you were taking the pic?!?!


  8. bulhaa said...

    hehe yea i took a pik and no it wasnt moving all that much :D  

  9. c|man said...

    wtf? no smoRking ? :S


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