Sunday, May 08, 2005

The light gives into the night
The darkness rules us all
Deep inside our hearts
We can find the darkness that would fall


  1. manippulhu said...

    hmm.. cool one  

  2. gwincair said...

    I was gonna respond to this (as I normally do) in an exercise of eloquent verse. I ended up with this:

    But darkness need no form
    Its shadowy whispers of wisp
    Are enough for the deviant heart
    Of the beholder to take a tsp.
    Of sugar with the cake its baking.

  3. Ibrahim Sharif said...

    Its a good verse , on your part, though. Methinks that your foul mood robbed you of extra lengths and effort... go team Bulhaa!

    Take that step!  

  4. moyameehaa said...

    darkness is absence of light
    and light is absence of darkness
    so we need both to exist
    for both to exist.  

  5. bulhaa said...

    hehe thanks guys..

    nice verses moyameeha, gwynciar  

  6. Waylander said...



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