right well.. i decided that i dont have the patience to write a story so im going to tell a story

it all starts on one cloudy dark night. a stranger was riding thru the plains of a land he had never trodden before.. he was fleeing from certain ppl. but im not going to tell you who those ppl are now.. .

anyway he sees this dark and menacing looking forest. and decides to camp out there for the night. rather conveniently he sees a lil clearin just as he enters the forest. the ground was covered with moss and dead leaves making it as soft as any bed. well i said it was convenient.[shrug] anyway he hears the sound of water and leads his mare to it. he discovers a beautiful waterfall... take my word for it. it was gorrrgeoous. i mean come one... the full moon was shining over head [ yea the clouds had conveniently drifted away for him to stare in awe at this magnificent piece of scenery] .. the water splashin on the rocks was glitterin in the moonlight.. a deer at the far corner of the creek lapping gently at the water..


well anyway he does his business there and allows his mare to drink some water.. and goes back to the clearin falls sleep.

and this is just the begining of the story

stick around will ya

the next mornin he is awoken by the gently chirping birds over head. he looks over to see his mare still sleepin so gets up softly and makes his way to the magnificent waterfall.. but then as he reached it.. he heard a sound.. and what a glorious sound it was.. it was a laugh. the laughter of the love of his life. he stood still for a moment and ducked into the bushes... and peered over them. and let me tell you. the sight he saw was far more magnificent that any ol laugh. it was a beutiful girl of about eighteen. she was standin waist deep in the creek. her green eyes sparkled as she laughed gaily splashing water on her self. her dark raven curls hung almost to her waist. and as for her waist itself... it looked like he could span it with his two hands... it curved nicely inwards and then outwards into the water. temptingly so..

yea she was naked. get over it.

well anyway the guy fell for her. madly and deeply. so deeply that he was determined to have her. at any cost..

he did nothin that mornin though.. he just sat there like a pervert and watched her bathe.. and when she dressed and left the lake , like a fool under a spell he followed her.[think jerry floatin towards the cheese guided by the smell] he watched her. and discovered things that almost broke his heart apart

she was the princess of the land.a princess.and he was naught but a man on the run. a wanted man. he would be never able to convince her father for her hand.

never mind he told himself. he was goin to have her.. at any cost.

so the next day he stole some fancy clothes off some poor noblemans back and entered the castle under the guise of a rich prince... well it wasnt a complete lie. why? patience dear... patience.. ill get to that part.

slowly and steadily he managed to woo....her father. thats right. as much as the poor bloke tried the princess never looked at him twice.. she only spoke to him when good manners forced her to. and went out of her way to avoid him.it wasnt that he was ungly. no quite the opposite. he was a handsome man with an average buil. blond hair blue eyes the like. but nooo, the princess was not swayed. her father on the other hand. was completely bowled over. this charmin man. this charmingly WEALTHY man.

even though her father seemed to have accepted him, the princesses' cold manner sliced his heart and brought upon a pain so harsh that he found it difficult to breathe.

and guess what he did?

he sliced his writs.. pretty loony huh? well he didnt die.. but it sure as heck got the attention of the princess. now the princess ,like all foolish girls of eighteen, had a vision of rescuin some poor man from the depths of despair and yada yada. u know the entire heroine bit. [its true.. nothin intruiges a girl more than a man filled with misery and mystery] so the girl takes it upon herself to mend his broken heart.

i know that this story should end here as a happily ever after. but there is no happy ending im afraid. not to this story.

u see , although the man got his wish [the princess fell for him. her father wanted him to marry her.] if he did marry her, then the news would spread out thru the land. and those ppl... they would find him..

so he devised a plan. a plan so clever and cunning that even i fail to describe it to you. it was that cleverly carried out. needless to say, it worked. somehow, the king agreed to let them live in sin. dont ask me how he did it. didnt i tell you that he devised it so cunningly that i cant even begin to explain it to you. its that complicated.

so they lived. not happily though. for this is not a happy story. they lived together in a cottage behind the castle. with a thousand servents to fulfil their every whim and wish. they were almost happy. until he began to change. it wasnt so obivous at first. but bit by bit he grew more and more possesive. got mad at the slightest things. would brood in silence for hours to end. these "tantrums" didnt last that long. so the princess didnt mind it that much [ i mean she did marry a wounded man right? she couldnt possibly expect anythin less]

it was all alright. until he started mutterin in his sleep.

wat of?

i dare not say

noooooo u cry?

ur beggin now?

all right all right.

ill tel you

yes i know, im wonderful

he muttered dark tales of what was and what was not. he muttered curses for a certain person who ruled his life. he screamed as he rememberd the fresh pain of a childhood of pain and misery. but the most disturbing thing of all.. was the whispered tales of how much he loved and missed his rubber ducky.

i kid you not

the princess felt helpless.seekin comfort and advice she confided in her best friend. and her best friend confided in her maid who told the rest of the town and pretty soon the whole country new about it. and not much later on... everyone within a 50 km radius knew about it. and then.. the news reached them.

they knew it was him

for he was unique in his love for his rubber ducky

and they came for himone dark night very much like the night where the stranger had entered the forest. ahh that fateful night.

ill not tell you the gory gruesome details but let me tell you this. the night they came for him was filled with screams of anguish, tears of pain , shocked gasps, immense relief and finally prayers of thanks..


you seethe stranger who had wooed the king and princess was indeed a prince ,yes, but he was also a mad man. after watchin his mother [the queen] kill her good for nothing cheatin husband [the king] he had gone mad. completely and utterly mad. his mother, horrified, had promptly disowned him and packed him off to the loony bin. where on his twentieth bday he had escaped and met the princess.

and that is the sorry tale my dear friend.

but u know,his doctors did tell me afterwards that if he hadnt forgotten to pack his yellow duckie and brought it with him, there would have been a high probability that he would have lived normally , happily for the rest of his life..

but ah.. too bad huh?


  1. Spark of Silence said...

    What's the difference between telling a story and writing a story? :P

    Nice story though. I feel as if I'm a kid now :S  

  2. bulhaa said...

    story writin is more messy.. i mean its much more hard work.. theres details and scenery explainin and what not.. [velvette would be the expert on this]
    story tellin on the other hand is easier... and much more fun.. for me..  

  3. shweeeeet! said...

    yep true..haaassakoh dhivehi vaahaka..teeheehee..nice one, story teller ;)  

  4. Waylander said...

    Yahh too bad...

    Coool narration, storyteller!  

  5. bulhaa said...

    thanks :D  

  6. manippulhu said...

    hhehe .. bulhaa dhen goaheh nooney buneveynee ingey!  

  7. Velvette Storme said...

    Ur just the sweetest little thing arent you?

    It reminds me of the bedtime stories my mum read to me when I was a kid. Except the naked part.  


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