its quite common for maldivians to talk about themselves in the third person

eg. "aisha dhemme miaii aisha ge maama ge ah gossa"


its very very very weird when u talk about urself in the third person in english. infact. ur considered odd if u do so

eg. " john thinks that this is a very wrong thing to do" says john

just a thought...


  1. Anonymous said...

    thats bcoz there's no dhivehi equivalent for "i". alhugandu is considered too humble, aharen is considered too weird and formal and ma is considered too rude.  

  2. Simon said...

    I think it is something that is left from childhood - that parents had forgotten or ignored to fix.

    When adults/teens do that just ask them who they are talking about. Gets them every time. Hah!

    BTW, if anyone thinks "aharen" is too "weird"..then this third person thing has gone too far. God help us!  

  3. paradoX said...

    how about u love ur name sooo much that you got to keep saying it to ur self..hehehehe  

  4. XefroX said...

    some says like
    I miaee maama men geah gos. I mihiry varah varubali vefa.. the letter I
    anyways agree with the first one..magey nan emme reethi nan..cheeers.  

  5. Anonymous said...

    i do it coz my parents wont allow me 2 talk in aadhaige bahuruva..i hav 2 use maai bahuruva wit frends also..sux big tym.dats y i hav no choice bt 2 u se my name wen my parents r arnd..hehe.  

  6. shweeeeet! said...

    even i thot abt it some time ago =s  

  7. Anonymous said...

    "ma" and "kaley" was normal, until addoo people cme here and started using it in gargage context.

    "aharen" is considered to be very raajeytherey and no self-respecting Male' born person uses it.

    Normally I don't indicate "ma" or "kaley". Instead, I speak in a way that my sentence has a contextual indication on who exactly I'm talking to, or about.

    BTW, I am not racist, but it does set my teeth on edge when people start talking in "addoo" when I'm around.

    ~ Coward  

  8. Fureeeeeku! said...

    i dont think there is ne thing wrong. u cant make 5 fingers the same lenght...:P ^_^  


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