first word : LOVE

  • playing this game ehaonowa and i
  • we select a word for the week [ or two weeks] and take a picture [ or pictures] potraying how we each view the word
  • its nothing seirous.. we're doing it just for fun
  • anyway this is my contribution to the first word .

  • and here is ehaonowa's .

  • Two Faces of Limerence its called


  1. sinningslave said...

    nice work..bulhaa..kewl game ehaonowa..hehe  

  2. Simon said...

    so you guys dating? :)  

  3. levitan said...

    yes they are simon.. yes they are.. hehe
    and dont ask dem directly.. these kinda ppl dont confess until caught in the act..  

  4. bulhaa said...

    waat?! nooooooo no we are not!!

    ps. thanks sinningslave  

  5. nass said...

    gwyncy is dating? :)  

  6. .mini said...

    i like bulhaa's photo.. better luck next time ehaonowa :P  

  7. bulhaa said...

    thanks mini ^_^
    dunno nass. why dontcha ask him??  

  8. ehaonowa said...

    ...low blow: come on, any appreciation on the unconventionality of the..picture?

    And no, I'm single--for better or worse.  


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