have u been feeling stressed lately?

well have no fear folks, for tonight i bring to you the greatest creation since the introduction of the internet..


dont look at me so disbelievingly. its true.

u just have to expose a tiny bit of the strip to an open flame and kzzzzzz! a great white flare appears before you! instant gratification. you forget all about your miseries and headaches. GARUNTEED!
note: side effects of this procedure includes a feeling of total badass-ness, euphoria to the point where people think you're on drugs and temporary blindness. CAUTION should be taken to read the instructions before use.


  • do NOT expose more than 2 cm of strip to flame at a time.

  • do NOT exceed dosage of three flashes per day.

  • do NOT look at the flare directly.

this wonderful healing metal will be available at your closest labarotary.


  • i will not be held responsible if your house or any of your personal belongings burn down.

  • i will not be held responsible if u get caught while trying to smuggle magnesium strips.

this post is dedicated to one of my oldest friends ,yummz...


  1. Fureeeeeku! said...

    nice cure...!!^_^  

  2. shweeeeet! said...

    will get ready! 24th ge fahunnennu thikan kuran ulheveynee =p
    good discovery ;)  

  3. subcorpus said...

    the healing properties of magnesium ...
    they should include that in the chemical properties of the elements ...
    hehe ...  

  4. DarkAngeL said...

    haahaa bulhaa maybe u cud get a strip for me too since i dont get a chance to go near a lab now hehe!  

  5. Spark of Silence said...

    Someone is stealing from the chem lab :P  

  6. bulhaa said...

    hehe no way darkangel..everyones gotta do their own dirty work :P

    and sparky i didnt steal i BORROWED.. and the teacher knew i was taking them..heck EVERYONE took some.  

  7. ehaonowa said...

    ... the next best thing to (not being the only one) staring at the sun!


    You know, since youre up late: try staring into magnesium for forty-five minute periods every tiem you get sleepy. It can totally screw your circardian rhythms over.  

  8. Spark of Silence said...

    CHSE is giving out magnesium ribbons for free? *faint*
    What next? :P  

  9. diabolicaldevil said...

    look whos been stealing Mg ribbons from the lab :P
    reminds me of our lab classes, we make geri kiru milk shake....and all the stuff possible kekekek

    how to: mix all the the bottles in the reagents cupboard


  10. Inan said...

    Sounds fun!! :D
    I am soo gonna do this !!  


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