some of us think with our hearts while some with our brains.
but then there are also those who let both the heart and brain rule them.
and often, they find themselves in quite a pinch when their hearts and brains remain locked in battle, unable to make a desicion.

which way to go
which road to choose?
i need to decide soon
for everything i stand to loose..


  1. Nish said...

    some even think from their dicks..  

  2. manippulhu said...

    loa maraafa hama evaguthaku beynun kameh kureema hunnaanee rangalhah dho. keke  

  3. Inan said...

    Exactly my situation (O.0)... great timing ;)
    Damn.. tell me what to do bulha!!

  4. sucksex said...

    nish u r very!!!  

  5. bulhaa said...

    nish/sucksex: lol..yea so true.

    manippulhu : eyrun kanthah goahun goahah gossiyyaa yo?

    inan: i wish i knew! will holla when i do :D  

  6. ehaonowa said...

    I read this poem that went something along the lines of: "You should treat your heart and reason like you would two guests in your house. You should not treat one better than the other..."
    Pretentious as it may sound: I think that striking a balance is where it's at. Your reason may not always be right, and even less with your heart (come on, don't you think?)
    Same way I'm trying to, like dear Marisha Pessel, strike a balance between hysterical writing and pure normal-speak.  


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