i find myself overcome with a need to publicily reveal my feelings regarding blogger


i have been trying to upload some piks for AGES! and what does the mighty blogger do??


abso-effing-lutely NOTHING!


im done


  1. .mini said...

    and here i though you could go on forever :P  

  2. maail said...

    Hehe. Nice one sis ;D

    One more reason to change to Wordpress Shewii. ^_^  

  3. LIL GIRL said...

    hehhee.. wonder how many times you tried b4 u gave up =p  

  4. Dragonfly said...

    Know how that feels alright.
    Is it the connection or the blogger?
    If it's the connection try compressing the pictures, what I do now O.o
    If its the blogger then... AAARRGGH is right.
    Sometimes that image uploading icon never shows up too, but I've noticed that's just with Opera.  

  5. subcorpus said...

    wordpress or movabletype ...  

  6. maail said...

    Dragonfly : maybe it's because the pop up blocker is enabled in Opera.  

  7. sucksex said...

    everythin has its problems :D  

  8. bulhaa said...

    .mini: well i didnt wanna pour out all my rage on my precious bloggie hehe

    maail: but it doesnt sound good. bulhaa.wordpress.com... nope.. its got no 'jazz'

    lil girl: i have been trying for THREE days

    dragonfly: its just the blogger. i can upload piks onto flickr and everything

    subcorpus: movabletype??? wazzat?

    sucksex: tell me about it :P  

  9. shweeeeet! said...

    that felt better eh? ;)  

  10. bulhaa said...

    much much :D  


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