The Mighty Brunos

Once upon a time, in a far far away land that doesnt really exist, there lived a mighty warrior.Six foot tall with raven black hair, piercing blue eyes, and wide manly shoulders, he made more than one fair maiden swoon.

He was called THE MIGHTY BRUNOS.

One day, the mighty Brunos set out to hunt down a terrible monster that haunted a little village in the east. It was rumored that the monster was slowly devouring the people in the village [ it had already gone through the livestock] and setting fires with its fiery breath of fire to the thatched roofs of the houses. Many a men had tried and failed to defeat this annoyingly undefeatable monster. And many women mourned over the loss of their incredibly stupid husbands who had dared to oppose it.

So the mighty Brunos sought out this monster.

And as he gazed upon the fearsome creature he felt a rush of adrenaline pump throughout his deliciously gorgeous body. For the monster was indeed a magnificent sight to behold. Fifteen foot tall with large red scales that glittered in the july afternoon sun and a powerful body sporting equally powerful wings, the monster stared down at the mighty Brunos . It took in the mighty Brunos's handsome profile and ran its slithering slimy toungue over its many many huge sharp shark-like teeth. It's eyes glittered dangerously with a wicked gleam.

The mighty Brunos lifted up his magical sword over his head and let out a horribly pitched war cry.. he stepped forward , his heart pumping , his sword ready...

and then he died...


ps. it was rumored that the mighty brunos died of a heart attack..
pps. it was also rumored that the beastly monster had the mighty Brunos for dessert..and dont ask me what lunch was.


  1. kaiza shozey said...

    lol.hggh. that was lovely.heheh. didnt see that part coming. nice biuld up and the ending was much better i must say.hehe.  

  2. || ŊąžïŸǻ || said...

    hehe yeah... i lovd the ending ;)  

  3. Spark of Silence said...

    cool! ur imagination rocks  

  4. ehaonowa said...

    LOTR better watch its back... :P  

  5. bulhaa said...

    thanks guys ^_^  


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